Duda-Stoltenberg meeting: all NATO allies condemn Lukashenka’s regime

President Andrzej Duda and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Its topic was the issue of security in the region.

As reported by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: NATO allies condemn the export of innocent people to the borders of the Alliance. It’s inhumane.

– We call on Russia to be transparent and to de-escalate its actions towards Ukraine; we support Ukraine – added Stoltenberg.

– NATO remains vigilant and we continue to support Ukraine, both in political and practical matters. This is not a threat to Russia. NATO helps Ukraine to defend itself against aggression, Stoltenberg stressed.

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– Poland is a committed NATO member, it contributes to our common security in many ways – said Stoltenberg. He also emphasized that our country is a leader when it comes to defense spending.

As he reported, he had a “very good discussion” with President Andrzej Duda on the current security challenges, “including the continued strengthening of Russia’s military presence near Ukraine.”

– We talked about the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus, as well as Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. All NATO allies have made it clear that they condemn the fact that the Lukashenka regime has been exporting vulnerable innocent people to the NATO border. It’s inhuman and cynical. That is why we show full solidarity with all allies affected by this situation, said NATO Secretary General.

“Dangerous Evolution of the Situation”

Andrzej Duda thanked the Secretary General for the meeting and informed about the dangerous evolution of the situation on the border.

– On the Polish border there is a hybrid attack by the Belarusian side, which is certainly supported by the Russian authorities – said Andrzej Duda. As he added, “the method of frontal attack is changing to attacks by smaller groups at night. We are observing a dangerous evolution of the situation.”

Andrzej Duda informed that he asked the Secretary General to consider increasing NATO’s presence on the eastern flank. As the President of the Republic of Poland added: “we are in constant contact with our partners in Ukraine”.

– I submitted a proposal to the NATO Secretary General to increase the readiness of NATO forces on the eastern flank and to consider increasing the military presence there, as well as strengthening observation missions – said Andrzej Duda.

Andrzej Duda: There is a relocation of Russian forces around the border with Ukraine

President Andrzej Duda said after the meeting with Jens Stoltenberg that he presented the security situation on the broadly understood eastern flank during the meeting, also in the context of information on the security of Ukraine. He recalled that there was a relocation of Russian forces around the border with Ukraine.

– I assured the Secretary-General that we take what is happening there very seriously and we accept all these signals. I made a proposal to the Secretary General to increase the readiness of NATO forces in this part of Europe, on the eastern flank, to consider increasing the military presence there, to consider also strengthening missions, for example the Air Policing mission, any observation missions that patrol this part of the North Atlantic Alliance flank after to show all potential aggressors that NATO is ready, that we are not only ready to defend NATO countries, but also pay attention to the security of our non-NATO allies with whom we cooperate, he said.

He emphasized that Ukraine was such an ally. He assessed that at present the security of this country is in real danger.

President on the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border

President Duda, speaking about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, pointed out that we have situations that we perceive as provocations. – Which, according to our fears, may even lead to an escalation of violence by opening fire from the Belarusian side, be it by migrants or Belarusian forces in various forms, said Andrzej Duda.

He informed that he had reported to the NATO Secretary General that, unfortunately, we were witnessing such a dangerous evolution of the situation at the border. “Unfortunately, what is happening does not indicate that the tension at the border has decreased” – noted Duda.

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He pointed out that this pressure of migrants at the border did not stop. – And we are afraid that with this change in the manner of a hybrid attack on the border, from frontal to attack by smaller groups at night, this state may last for many months. ” ago, our Border Guard, our police forces, only supported by the Polish army, by Polish military units delegated to support the Border Guard and the Police, stressed the president.

He assured that “we are always prepared to repel any attacks”. – This service on the border continues all the time. And I can assure you that it will last, we will continue to defend the EU border, we will also continue to defend the border of the North Atlantic Alliance – emphasized Andrzej Duda.

Duda thanks Stoltenberg

The president thanked Stoltenberg “for the very clear position of the Secretary General at the North Atlantic Council, when a resolution was adopted to support our country in the defense of the European Union border, in defense of the North Atlantic Alliance border”.

– Thank you for taking this position in such an unambiguous way – said President Duda. “It was very important to us,” he added.

As he said, “we are fulfilling our treaty obligations, on the other hand, we are fulfilling our obligations resulting from membership in the European Union”. He noted that “we take it very seriously”.

– We are constantly monitoring the security situation in our part of the North Atlantic Alliance flank. We are also ready to support you in this regard. We are in constant contact with our allies, neighbors with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This cooperation is ongoing. Of course, we are also constantly in touch with the headquarters, with the secretary general and our allies – assured President Duda.

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