Due to the cut in parliamentarians, the parties exclude the good for the loyal, writes Andrea Cangini

Psychodrama nominations in the parties. Ohibò, first the yes men are guaranteed in the electoral lists, then the allies without votes, then the flag men, and finally, if there is room, the representatives of the best political class. Emblematic, in the Democratic Party, is the exclusion of the economist Tommaso Nannicini and that of the constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti, one of the most respected and active deputies, for the benefit of… Nicola Fratoianni.

The dynamics is the same as always, the result is different: the first category, that of the loyal, dominates more than ever the last, that of the best and intellectually free. The result is mass purges, monochord parliamentary groups are announced, spaces for minorities and conditions for internal confrontation are compressed. Fragile leaders inclined to solipsism are imposed, with their respective parliamentarians as their chorus.

It should be remembered that when all, but precisely all the party secretaries, out of cowardice favored the wind of anti-politics at the referendum of two years ago, siding with the demagogic positions of the grillini of Giggino Di Maio, Carlo Calenda was the only one to declare himself openly against the cut of parliamentary representation. He knew, as we all knew, that he would lose, but he still chose to defend the honor of politics, the functionality of Parliament, the pluralism of the elected. Witnessing the nemesis of these days is not consoling, just as he will not console witnessing very expensive electoral campaigns held in monstrous colleges and the subsequent dysfunctions of a Senate reduced to 200 senators.

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