Dukes of Sussex, concerned about the presence of drones in your house

Since they crossed the Atlantic Ocean heading to your new life away from palace, the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been worried for your safety and the safety of your child Archie. After spending some time in Canada, moved to Los Angeles and the american president Donald Trump he announced that his Administration was not going to run with the expenses of your protection. The dukes of Sussex they turned then to private funds. But then they decided to, in addition, bunkerizar your home and install fences to protect it from prying eyes.

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The objective was that neither the walkers nor any other person deambulara through the area might catch a glimpse of anything inside the property. However, in the last days the marriage has been detected the presence of at least five drones flying over the ground at low altitude at any time of the day. One of them coincided with the time in which the proud parents were playing in the pool with Archie. So, with the fear that they might be drones intended to photograph them, or even a terrorist threat, have transferred this concern to the police.

Several u.s. media have pointed out that these drones that are closer to home have worried the couple, because when Harry and Meghan were married she received racist insults and threats. For this reason, the dukes of Sussex they are planning to hire your own team of private security although to do this they have to sufragárselo themselves. “Do not ask for any special treatment, they just want you to respect the safety that we all expect to be respected in our homes”, slipped a close friend to the marriage The Daily Beast.

This is inside the spectacular mansion where they live Harry and Meghan

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The residence of the grandson of the queen Elizabeth II of England you and your family, let us remember, is located on the top of a hill in Beverly Hills. Property mogul Hollywood Tyler Perryit has eight bedrooms, twelve baths and a large plot with a swimming pool from which you can see breathtaking views of the entire city. The mansion, valued at more than € 16 million, is located in a neighborhood full of celebrities –Paris Hiltonfor example, he has lived in this area.

Harry and Meghan remain in this house 90,000 square feet of extension. Here took place a few days ago their second wedding anniversary and they did it with a themed dinner in which they tasted mexican dishes. The son of Charles of England he presented his wife with a bouquet of roses and a jewel, while that received from their hands a personalized card made by hand. By the way, the choir gospel, which thrilled everyone in his day wanted to congratulate you with an emotional video.

The surprise of Meghan Markle prince Harry: recreates the place in which they fell in love with it in the yard of the house!

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By the time the couple is in united States. From here could have gone if he had celebrated the royal wedding of Beatrice of York with Edoardo Mapelli, scheduled for this Friday in Uk. Would, in fact, the long-awaited reappearance of the dukes of Sussex in the country, something that does not occur from the 31st of march, when you went along to the duke and duchess of Cambridge the events held on the occasion of the Day of the Commonwealth.

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