Dulce María Is Harshly Criticized for the First Photo of Her Daughter

The singer Dulce María, former RBD, was harshly attacked on social networks after sharing the first photograph with her first-born María Paula

Mexico.- The singer Dulce María gave her followers the best Christmas gift, as she shared a photograph with her first-born María Paula and her husband Francisco “Paco” Álvarez, causing great tenderness, but also great anger, achieving cause great controversy and generate a lot of criticism and attacks against him.

The exRBD, along with her partner, celebrated her little girl’s first Christmas and did not hesitate to share it through social networks, also launching a moving message in which she said she was grateful for having been able to be surrounded by her loved ones in these times so difficult for the world.

“God sent us the greatest gift of life in such a difficult year, a year that has made us learn to reflect and value what is really important, the people who care about you, how little we need to be happy and how much that we need the things that cannot be bought, put your energy and your heart in what is essential and stay away from those who hurt you or what does not make you happy. I hope that this Christmas hope, love is reborn, La Paz, and empathy for others “shared the singer.

Ending with a message full of love and empathy, Dulce María managed to reach the hearts of her fans, although for many others it was not the appropriate action, since she posed as a family, she edited the photograph to avoid at all costs that the face of her baby looked.

The singer decided to place a large flash of light on the little girl’s face that made many get upset and began to attack her since they assured that what she was doing or what she was talking about made no sense and she decided to hide the appearance of The baby to the people who have supported her unconditionally throughout her career, her fans.

“I do not understand why that clown of uploading that photo if they do not want to show the bb”, “That terrible habit that celebrities have of not showing their babies before a magazine pays them”, “Wait for the exclusive in a magazine . Bye Dulce María “, were some of the comments that were read in the publication.

So far Dulce María, nor Paco Álvarez have spoken about it and have ignored all the criticisms. The couple got married in 2019 and for the month of June 2020, the singer announced that she would become a mother with the following message: “Well, there they go !! In the midst of so much chaos and uncertainty in the world @pacoalvarezv and I, We want to share with you news that fills us with love, happiness, and gratitude. The miracle of life always finds a way to manifest itself. Yes! Now I am pregnant! We are going to be parents! “.

And for the month of September, they revealed to their followers that they would be the parents of a beautiful girl, saying to themselves “happy and grateful to God for this great blessing”, receiving thousands of comments from their followers, fans, friends, work colleagues, and relatives.

Finally, this December 3, she announced that her daughter María Paula had already been born, calling her “My little warrior” and publishing an emotional message as a new mother. “There are no words that can express everything I feel. First, infinite thanks to God for letting us experience the greatest miracle of life, the expression of our immense love, a transforming experience. Your life is divided into a before and an after Everything has been worth knowing you and having you now in my arms, little warrior, “wrote Dulce María.

Dulce María is very grateful for the love that her fans give her on social networks and that is why, during her pregnancy, she did not stop sharing images of her in which she showed how she progressed in those nine months, and in them, Paco has also been seen, her husband, enjoying the sweet wait.


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