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Giorgio Carbone
Giorgio Carbone

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DUNES DVD on newsstands with Timothee Chamelet, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya. Directed by Denis Villeneuve. US production 2021. Duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes

From the novel by Frank Herbert already brought to the screen twice.It is the story of a star war in the year 10191 for the domination of Dune, a planet that produces a substance that extends life. A space “warlord” massacres the family of the ruling dynasty. Only the sovereign’s teenage son remains alive and will have to go out of his way to avenge his father and take back Dune.

WHY SEE IT because Denis Delleneuve portrays the fateful novel in images as it should have been carried and not as the great David Lynch did 40 years ago in one of the most infamous flops in the history of cinema. Deserved the Oscar for special effects. Of course, the finale left many spectators stunned. Because it seemed that the thing was left unfinished. Right feeling. Only the first part of the book is transferred to the film. Evidently Villeneuve was hoping (and still hoping) for a sequel.

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