Dune: Spice Wars is an RTS with 4X elements; Shiro Games introduces the vision of the game

January 14, 2022, 20:11

Shiro Games has revealed a bunch of information about Dune: Spice Wars. It is particularly good news that the authors want to remain as faithful to Frank Herbert’s books as possible and that they plan to locate them in Poland.

If I had one thing that really surprised me at The Game Awards 2021, would it be a sneak peek? Dune: Spice Wars games. Shiro Games studio developed by? the creators of Northgard, still developing Wartales, which debuted in Early Access on Steam on December 1 ?? it did not reveal much information at the time. However, the players had numerous questions, so the developers decided to answer some of them on Steam. Thanks to this, we got a slightly clearer vision of the production.

RTS with elements of 4X strategy

First of all, it was clarified what Dune: Spice Wars really will be. We knew that a strategy set in the universe created by Frank Herbert, which is to combine elements of the RTS and 4X subspecies. It seemed that the latter should dominate, but it turns out that the opposite should be the case.

We will play the game in real time, but the pace will be much slower than in a typical ?? ertees ?? ?? it is also possible to pause and speed up the flow of time. Elements Defining 4X Strategies ?? such as: exploration, territory control, economic development, resource management, combat, trade, politics or espionage? there will be no shortage, but at the heart of Dune: Spice Wars is to be an RTS game.

Northgard in the desert?

This does not mean, however, that we will get some kind of a scrap from Northgard. The developers assure that no elements of this 2018 production will go to Dune: Spice Wars. The entire content is to be developed from scratch, and the game itself has an incomparably larger scale ?? up to 2 ?? 3 times.

Creators of Dune: Spice Wars about the game: ?? it's an RTS with 4X elements, not the other way around ??  - illustration # 1

?? Source: Steam / Shiro Games.

So where does the cartoon style come from? The creators argue that it will allow them? through colors and shapes ?? diversify what the players look at, so it’s not just boring rocks and sand. Moreover, a geologist specializing in desert areas was to participate in the work on the game environment. His help was to result in many landscape elements characteristic of such a harsh climate.

However, it seems impossible for the developers not to follow Northgard to a small degree? just as they were, to some extent, inspired by other egranizations Dunes (especially Dune 2000 and Dune II: Battle for Arrakis). This is best illustrated by the following examples: the expansion of the base in Dune: Spice Wars will be based on the interface (that is: we will not build buildings by hand), the maps will be procedurally generated (we will decide on their size, wind strength or activity, among other things). maggots), and deep deserts will prove to be as immeasurable as ocean fields in other 4X strategies (at least until we develop the appropriate technology).

Fractions ?? how many and what?

Book fans Dunes you will be glad to know that the studio Shiro Games intends to base primarily on the works of Frank Herbert (therefore Prince Leto, shown in the screenshot below, was presented against a green background, not a blue one). Hence, the Ordos family known from Dune II: Battle for Arrakis will not be a playable faction ?? at least in the beginning.

Creators of Dune: Spice Wars about the game: ?? it's an RTS with 4X elements, not the other way around ??  - illustration # 2

?? Source: Steam.

Developers do not rule out that it will go into production at some stage of its development. Their primary goal, however, is to create four factions ?? the already announced families of Atreides and Harkonnen, as well as two that we haven’t met yet. We’ll get this kit for early access. The plans for the further development of the game provide for the addition of a fifth group, and maybe even more.

Early Access ?? why, where, how long and then what?

If you’re wondering why Dune: Spice Wars is making its Early Access debut on Steam rather than “normal”, then the answer is? is simple ?? the Shiro Games team has had a good experience with this distribution model. Developers believe that it allows them to better balance the game, adjust it to the expectations of the audience and ?? based on their comments ?? correct the production schedule on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, we do not know how much time Dune: Spice Wars he will be in Early Access. The only thing that can be considered certain is that the early version of the game will be made available in 2022 and will only include the single player mode. And it won’t be a campaign ?? this one, like the multiplayer, is to be added in the coming months, but before the actual premiere.

Creators of Dune: Spice Wars about the game: ?? it's an RTS with 4X elements, not the other way around ??  - illustration # 3

?? Source: Steam / Shiro Games.

It is possible that Dune: Spice Wars will also be released on other PC platforms (eg GOG.com or Epic Games Store) and consoles. The developers intend to make the final decision during the Early Access period.

Price, DLC, mods and Polish language version

How much will Dune: Spice Wars cost? We do not know that either. Shiro Games keeps adding new content to the game, and it is based on that that will determine the final price. But what is more significant ?? the developers do not provide any DLC. It doesn’t mean, of course, that there won’t be any. In this way ?? the Northgard pattern ?? even optional factions (such as the Ordos family mentioned earlier) may be added. Everything, however, will depend on the attitude of the audience. This also applies to the handling of mods.

As in the case of the two previous productions of the French studio, we can count on the Polish language version. More cinematic (subtitled), but good that too. Moreover, it will be available in Early Access.

If you still don’t have enough information ?? and eg you are wondering if there will be Sardaurs in the game? then be sure to check the creators’ message. They promised to present there the issues that were omitted in the text. Moreover, they ensured that we would receive another portion of news about the game soon.

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