Duplantis Imperial, Lyles Triple Gold, Double Double for Kipyegon, Colette Bluffing… The Worlds in Five Chronological Information

The eighth day of the world championships ended on Saturday with their own performances: American Noah Lyles offered himself a hat-trick, Kenyan Faith Kipyegon took a big step towards the title of athlete of the year, Frenchman Thibaut was Colette. Surprising in the pole vault final won by unbeatable Swede Armand Duplantis, here are five chronos from Worlds.

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The French 4x400m girls went through all the emotions this Saturday after the World Series. Photo KMSP/FFA

Sentence of Lewis Maraval (4x400m)

it has been very emotional uplifting

Initially the tenth fastest in the women’s 4x400m series (3’27”50), this Saturday in Budapest, the French team’s torch bearer is finally out at the end of the suspense for this Sunday’s Worlds final. Closes (9:50 p.m.). According to World Athletics, the obstruction occurred during the third handover to the French. “We left the mixed zone and we were told that maybe we could be kicked out,” said Louise Maraval, who later teamed up with Amandine Brossier, Sounkamba Sila and Camille Sery. “We had to wait and in the end, it was quite an emotional outburst. We are relieved. Now we have to focus again on tomorrow (Sunday). We have nothing more to lose. There’s a place to go. ,

Armand Duplantis was strong again in the skies of Budapest this Saturday. Photo dpa/Sven Hoppe

The number


Armand Duplantis could not go far on his 2nd runI and 3I The stars are being tested on the Track of Budapest this Saturday evening, as they look to improve their world record in the pole vault by one centimeter. 6.23m didn’t do it this time, but after clearing 6.10m to be crowned world champion for the second time in his career, the 23-year-old Swede still… 50I Competition over six metres. Apparently enough to push Scandinavian flight a bit further back in history.

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Tweet: Lyles Triple World Champion

We hadn’t seen that since Usain Bolt. On Saturday, Noah Lyles became triple world champion in a single edition, winning the 4x100m with the United States. The American, who won titles in the 100m and again in the 200m this week, is doing as well as Usain Bolt did in 2015. american show. Italy and Jamaica completed the podium, while the Blues took sixth place.

Faith Kipyegon is on course to be named World Athletics’ International Athlete of the Year after her performance in Budapest. Photo dpa/Peter David Josek

Anecdote: Kipyegon introduces an unprecedented double

Faith Kipyegon announced she was coming to the World Championships to achieve the 1500-5000m double. So the Kenyan kept his promise by winning the 5000m on Saturday, five days after already winning the 1500m, an unprecedented double. The world record holder over the distance disposed of her rivals on the last lap, pushing Dutchwoman Sifan Hasen onto the second step of the podium again. She could be a favorite for athlete of the year with three world records and two world titles. Her compatriot Beatrice Chebet finished third.

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Thibaut Collet has set a date for the Paris-2024 Olympics after securing his impressive 5th place in the world in Budapest this Saturday. Photo KMSP/FFA

The perfection that should not be missed: Thibaut Colette is almost over the top

France once again believed in it, but the dream flew into the starry sky of Budapest. While the hopes of finally opening the medal counter were great, Thibaut Collet, the author of the race of his life, failed to finish 5th.I Worlds place in pole vault. After breaking his personal best twice (at 5.85m and 5.90m) and performing flawlessly so far, the Grenoble native was in ideal position to climb the podium. Alas, this is the moment when his final rivals decide to put him on the jumper’s leg, with Filipino Obiena, Australian Marshall and American Nilsson taking turns to clear 5.95m. In front, Armand Duplantis, the king of the Pole, was already preparing to skyrocket (6.10 m) alone in his world. Thibaut Collet, he can be sure of, achieved the Olympic minimum this Saturday (5, 82m), before going even higher if possible at the Paris Olympics next year. Yet as a reminder, his bar of 5.90m would have allowed him to win the title nine times in the nineteen world championships held in history…

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Sunday 27 August program and French going on

7 a.m.: Men’s Marathon (together) Mourhad Amdouni, Hassan Chahdi and Mehdi Frere,

8 pm: Women’s Height (with) Naval Menicker and Solenn Giquel,

8:15 PM: Javelin H

8:20 PM: 5000m H (with Jimmy Grasier,

8:45 PM: 800 Meters Fahrenheit

9:05 PM: 3000m Steeplechase (with Alice Finot,

9:37 PM: 4x400m H (with french team,

9:50 AM: 4x400m F (with french team,

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