Duran Duran: discover the music video for “Danse Macabre”

Duran Duran used AI to create ghoulish animated images for the title track of its upcoming album.

Duran Duran throws a ball of virtual monsters in the music video for “ Dance of Death », the title song of their next album, which will be released just before Halloween, on October 27. The music marks the return of the band’s former guitarist, Warren Cuccurullo, who left the group in 2001.

The animated clip, for which creative director Linc Gasking used artificial intelligence technology, shows Dracula, Pennywise, Nosferatu and other villains dancing while the members of Duran Duran, who of course the air of the living dead, perform the song which gives goosebumps, while being part of the group’s vision that is both dark and joyful.

I like the idea that if you can imagine something, you can bring it to life, at least in animation form.keyboardist Nick Rhodes said in a statement. With the video of ‘Dance of Death’, that’s exactly what we did. We started by deciding who would be on the guest list for the ultimate Halloween party, then a selection of witches, mythical beasts, vampires and demons was quickly developed, using the latest animation techniques from AI. I was really amazed when I started seeing the results. It’s something that would have taken a team at an animation studio months to complete, but it happened almost instantly before our eyes. In just a few days, we created a whole new universe populated with wonderfully strange inhabitants to celebrate the release of ‘Dance of Death’ with a gothic dream. »

The band previewed the 13-song album last month, explaining that the concept for the album came about after a Halloween concert last year. The tracklist includes reworked versions of Duran Duran songs, as well as several gothic-leaning covers: “ Bury a Friend » by Billie Eilish, « Paint It, Black » by the Rolling Stones, « Spellbound » by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and a Rick James-inspired track, “ Super Lonely Freak “. Victoria De Angelis of Måneskin joined them for a rendition of “ Psycho Killer » by Talking Heads. In addition to De Angelis and Cuccurullo, the album includes a collaboration with Nile Rodgers, who is touring with the band, Mr. Hudson, and original guitarist Andy Taylor. The latter confided that he hoped to go back on tour with Duran Duran.

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