During tour in Europe, Justin Bieber shares romantic click next to Hailey – 08/12/2022

08/12/2022 | 11:11

in love! Justin Bieber delighted fans by appearing in a romantic click next to his wife, Hailey. On his official Instagram page, the singer made several publications with records of the passage of his tour, the Justice Tour, through Europe. Amidst the photos of the presentations and the backstage, there was a record of the couple enjoying a moment together.

The image of the Canadian exchanging kisses with his beloved, with whom he has been married since 2018, was soon reposted by the model in her Stories. Despite the tight schedule of shows, the couple proved that there is always time for a little cuddle.

As you followed, Justin Bieber went through difficult times and left fans super worried in June this year when he revealed that he had half his face paralyzed. According to the singer, the paralysis was caused by Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. Because of the painting, he had to postpone several shows of his tour.


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