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14:01 18 hours ago

The game is over, Feyenoord are defeated by PSV and Eindhoven’s side are crowned Dutch Super Cup champions.

13:57 18 hours ago

Wierman couldn’t finish and the footballer got a corner kick. Feyenoord’s number 6 returns to the field.

13:46 18 hours ago

Yankuba was looking for a chance in the individual competition but failed to make it into the final sector.

13:41 18 hours ago

PSV oooh oh oh! Noah Lang Oh Oh Oh! The visiting table wins!

13:33 18 hours ago

Feyenoord will have Marcos Lopez and Javiro Dilozan. Ismael Saibari and Ricardo Pepi also joined from PSV.

13:29 18 hours ago

Van Arnholt was about to score the first goal! However, goalkeeper Bijirou managed to deflect the ball at the last minute.

13:19 19 hours ago

Igor scored a great hat, the team beat it, but the player who blew the whistle did not concede a foul.

13:15 19 hours ago

PSV took the ball into the opposing team’s defensive zone and took it back. Weerman has opted to change the approach of the match and his side already has signs of a threat.

13:13 19 hours ago

PSV carried the ball into the opposing team’s defensive zone and took it back. Weermann has chosen to change his approach to the game, but there are already signs of a threat to his side.

12:48 19 hours ago

A deft dribble in the box saw Lang nearly score a goal, but unfortunately he sent the ball over the net.

12:43 19 hours ago

Taizé, who was in the defensive zone after a pass from Luke de Jong, had a shot that went wide to Hartmann. The decisive scoring opportunity has disappeared again.

12:38 19 hours ago

Feyenoord carried out an impressive maneuver and was about to culminate in a shooting attempt. At this point they are in control of the ball.

12:32 19 hours ago

A free kick in favor of Feyenoord. They move from narrow areas.

12:25 20 hours ago

Luke de Jong was in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper, but unfortunately he was in an offside position and the offense was called.

12:22 20 hours ago

PSV’s intense pressure forced Feyenoord to relinquish possession and Lang and Boscari re-established the flow of the match.

12:12 20 hours ago

Jimenez scored the first goal and Ramallo scored. He had the opportunity to articulate his right leg.

12:09 20 hours ago

So far, 10 minutes have passed with both teams still in the dark, and neither Feyenoord nor PSV want to take too many risks at this point.

12:01 20 hours ago

The match between Feyenoord and PSV will start at Rotterdam’s Feyenoord Stadium.

11:44 20 hours ago

A short while later, it begins with a live broadcast of the Feyenoord vs. PSV duel from Rotterdam’s Feyenoord Stadium. The match is equivalent to the 2023 version of the Dutch Supercup, which decides the Dutch monarch.

11:20 21 hours ago

According to a report by Pitch Prospects, PSV Eindhoven have set their sights on adding Gilberto Tiba Sepulveda to the team. Sources say the Dutch club’s interest in the Logiblanco team’s footballer was not recent, apparently having been watching him closely over the past two months.

11:20 21 hours ago

When asked after the Feyenoord-Benfica match whether he would remain in the Eredivisie draw, Santiago Jiménez said nothing was certain at this point.
“No one knows what will happen in football so I can’t make any promises, but I’m focused here. I have many goals, but the first is to defend the title. This team is very good. Good, good players.

11:19 21 hours ago

Meanwhile, the PSV team played their final match against the English First Division side Nottingham Forest in a friendly that is part of both sides’ pre-season. The duel lacked emotion, but PSV scored the first goal in the closing minutes and scored the only goal of the match to give the side playing in the English League a win.

11:04 21 hours ago

In Feyenoord’s final showdown, the Eredivisie champions team faced Benfica in a friendly at the Feyenoord Stadium. The Rotterdam team took an early lead in the 12th minute thanks to Brazilian Igor Paixao’s goal, before Santiago Jimenez extended his advantage in the match. In 34 minutes of playing time, he provided good definition for a goalkeeper. Finally, in the delusion of the match, Peter Musa cracked his 85, leaving the score he 2-1 in favor of the local team.

11:03 21 hours ago

The new Dutch Supercup will be held between Feyenoord and PSV in Rotterdam. While Feyenoord qualified as league champions last season, PSV won the Dutch Cup last season against Ajax and qualified for this year’s Super Cup. After finishing first and second last season, this will be the most attractive match in Supercup history.

11:02 21 hours ago

The wait is over in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Feyenoord have PSV into the Dutch Supercup, and the next 90 minutes will be filled with emotion, goals, controversy and much more. Likewise, both clubs will start the season with a win and will be looking for something greater than winning a title to culminate in this journey.

1 day ago 0:01

We will be sharing the Feyenoord vs. PSV starting line-up and updates coming soon from the mysterious pitch at Rotterdam Stadium. Live online from VAVEL without losing game details minute by minute.

1 day ago 23:46

J. Drommel; P. Van Arnholt, J. Branthwaite, A. Ramalho, J. Theze. X. Simmons, I. Sangare, J. Viermann, J. Bakayoko. G. Till, L. DeJong.

1 day ago 23:36

J. Bijirou; N. Casanwirjo, L. Gertruida, D. Hanko, M. Lopez. T. Van de Bert, R. Zeroke. Igor Paixiao, Q Maduro, J Dilosan. Danilo.

1 day ago 23:31

Feyenoord and PSV have met a total of 150 times (59 wins, 38 draws, 52 wins) and the balance is tilting in favor of the Rotterdam team. In terms of goals scored, Feyenoord scored 219 goals, with 239 ahead of PSV. The last meeting between the two dates back to Matchday 20 of the 2022/2023 season, when both sides drew 2-2.

1 day ago 23:21

Meanwhile, PSV won the coveted crown last season when the Eindhoven team maintained an impressive rhythm and level, completely separating rivals such as Ajax and AZ to reach the top of the Eredivisée. will aim for They could only fight to qualify for European competition, but a mistake late in the tournament weighed heavily on the Dutch national team and the title remained in the hands of the Rotterdam side. Now they aim to dominate Holland and claim a title they never should have lost.

1 day ago 23:06

Good morning, VAVEL readers!WELCOME TO LIVE GAME Feyenoord vs. PSV A live performance corresponding to the Dutch Supercup, which marks the beginning of the new season in the Netherlands. The match will take place at 12:00 on the mythical field of the Feyenoord Stadium.

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