Dwayne Johnson appears giant behind the scenes of Black Adam

Like other films of the genre, black adam is undergoing reshoots before it is completed and its protagonist Dwayne Johnson seems to be enjoying the extra work, as he shared a quick video taken on set where he looks quite comfortable in the anti-hero costume.

In the clip, published by the star through his personal Twitter account last Thursday (19), he appears on his back walking around the set, while a song plays, until he arrives at the location of the next take and greets a member of the team. of production before the video ends.

“Now the fun part… We’re going to work. The wolf is always scratching. In theaters worldwide October 21st”, he wrote in the caption where he added the film’s hashtags and tagged The Hu, the band responsible for the song in the background of the video, Wolf Totem.

The actor has been sharing some moments from the reshoots with fans since they started earlier this month, but this is the first clip, previously he only posted some behind-the-scenes photos on his social media.

On May 5, Johnson revealed the first day of reshoots, saying he was grateful to be able to return to the set with his great production team, to add a few things, leaving the film ready to premiere in October of this year.

“It’s great to be back on the set of Black Adam with our talented team of over 750 filmmakers as we prepare to put some final details and finishing touches on our film before it closes and delivers.”

“I’m here with my Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra (black shirt) and one of the top visual effects editors Krisztian Majdik as Jaume takes me through some complex and intense scenes that we need to accomplish today.”

“I’ve adjusted my diet and training intensity for weeks to prepare, so I’m feeling good and in the zone. What a talented TEAM! A dream. A team,” he captioned the behind-the-scenes image as his director.

Dwayne Johnson shared behind the scenes of the beginning of the reshoots of Black Adam (Reproduction / Instagram)

The film

The new production of the DCEU, black adam, follows Shazam’s cruel and dark predecessor, Black Adam, who, during his quest to keep the peace and end evil, succumbed to his own power and became a destroyer, ending up in exile for five thousand years.

After his exile, the anti-hero returns to Earth and goes to war with the greatest and most powerful defenders of good and the planet, such as Superman and Wonder Woman.

black adam is slated to hit theaters on October 20.

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