Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson extends long-term friendship with Lindsey Vonn, gifting unreleased merch to Alpine star

Lindsey Vonn has made a huge impact on and off the alpine ski slopes. The four-time world champion defined a strong self-narrative in his field, inspired thousands and became a name to be remembered for a long time. So when wrestler Dwayne Johnson became a Hollywood star and began launching his own brand of athletes in 2019, the skiing icon and close ally was his target.

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The grappling partnership between The Rock and Lindsay Vonn began when The Rock chose The Rock as the guy who could keep up with him in the gym. Since then, the two have forged a remarkable bond, including a brand partnership. Today, the skiing icon continues to generate excitement as Vonn continues to support Johnson’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Project.

Lindsey Vonn gives a sneak peek at her excitement


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Back in 2019, Vonn joined The Rock’s joint sportswear line with Under Armor. Since then, a host of newer events and series have regularly appeared for fans, with the skiing legend often at the forefront. The pattern continued today when she updated her Instagram feed. “Sneak peek at Project Rock gear…love the back!” Vonn wrote, sharing her workout session. In the video shared, Lindsey Vonn wore a set of beige breathable shorts and a top that featured a twisted design and criss-cross straps to make it sturdy.

“New @projectrock gear in beta mode,” Lindsay captioned her clip ahead of the new release. This update follows several other creative endeavors from the duo. “The project is calling” Late last year, Vaughan wrote to express her delight at the new line. The world champion’s involvement was highlighted by her starring role in a campaign for the brand’s home range. After years of collaboration, Vaughn remains the face of the brand, which aims to encourage and honor athletes, veterans and aspirants.

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The inspiring presence of this skiing icon

i know i want to be great “This is what Lindsay Vonn said when she recalled her childhood. This attitude has made Lindsay not only one of the most decorated alpine skiing stars, but also inspired others to look up to her. During a visit to the Girls Sports Leadership School (GALS) last year, Vaughn supports this stance with a message of self-care and resilience. “I know who I am” and “I know I’m important” The ski star’s message is framed to guide the growing population.

‘I’m forever grateful’: Emotional Lindsey Vonn takes the internet on a trip down memory lane


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Lindsey Vonn had the same attitude as Dwayne when she joined The Rock on his campaign a few years ago. “He basically represents 100 percent authenticity and 100 percent effort,” She posted about their new project online.

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