Dybala laughs in the face of Inter fans who insult him, the controversy breaks out

Whether or not the story is true that it was Inzaghi who said no to Dybala’s signing for Inter, who would not have wanted to sacrifice his protégé Correa, it will perhaps be known in the future but that Joya has been courted for a long time by Marotta is made clear. After a summer of hard and fast, with a failed insertion also by Napoli, in the end the Argentine chose Roma and Mourinho, becoming the new king of Rome from day one. Who, as a mockery of fate, he also scored against the Nerazzurri one of the two goals with which the Giallorossi conquered the Meazza last Saturday.

Dybala’s revenge with Inter, a goal for those who rejected him

A goal of class and instinct – not without some fault on the part of Handanovic – which marked Roma’s momentary equal before Smalling’s decisive goal a quarter of an hour from the end. A nice revenge for Joya, seduced and abandoned by Inter in the summer but also a slap in the face to what could have been his fans.

Dybala’s reaction to the offenses of Inter fans

Many Nerazzurri fans did not give Joya a nice treatment on Saturday. As you can see in a video that is becoming popular on the web, there have been numerous insults launched at his address. In the video you can hear coarse voices screaming at Dybala, before he returns to the locker room at the end of the race, repeated insults: “Dybalaaaa … Man of m …!”.

The Argentine’s reaction, however, is exemplary: Dybala he hears everything and laughs at his insulting eyes. The video went viral and is sparking reactions on the web.

Applause for Dybala arrives on social media

The clearest part of Inter cheering justifies Joya: “I cheer Inter and I tell you that it was almost a gentleman, he should have done the helicopter in the face of Zhang and Marotta ”, or:“ He humiliated half of Milan and three quarters of the People’s Republic of China ”and again:“ Of course they took it really badly for the former’s goal ”. Some write: “Did Dybala want Inter? Yes, it’s okay that we were already at the end of July but he could easily wait as Belotti did if he really wanted Inter “and finally the sarcastic comment:” He was not very respectful, an ex must always respect his old fans ” .

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