Dying Light 2 impresses with graphics with RTX and DLSS. The gameplay trailer is impressive

Techland continues to promote the PC edition of Dying Light 2. This time together with NVIDIA.

A new video of Dying Light 2 gameplay on PC has been released on the official NVIDIA YouTube channel. The game was presented with ray tracing enabled (in terms of global illumination, shadows and light reflections) and additionally with activated DLSS, which significantly increases the smoothness of the animation.

Everything looks beautiful on expensive gaming PCs. However, it is worth remembering that we are still waiting for Dying Light 2 gameplay from the previous generation consoles (PS4, XOne). Techland has recently announced that the disclosure of such a game is to take place in the coming days – still in January. Some speculate that the Polish company is in no rush to disclose how Dying Light 2 works, as the production suffers from framerate problems in the PS4 / XOne release. Let’s hope that soon we’ll find out otherwise and that the title works great on older hardware as well.

If you’re playing on PC, remember that the huge Winter Sale on Steam ends today. The offer includes, among others the first installment of Dying Light in the Enhanced edition for PLN 36.

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