e-Toll on the highways after a week. It was supposed to be comfortable, but the absurd follows the absurd

In this project, everything went wrong, and the level of incompetence and lack of imagination of those responsible for “closing” the electronic payment system for passenger car drivers turned out to be overwhelming. Ultimately – despite the objective delays of each of the essential elements of the system – the barriers at the gates were opened on the night of November 30 to December 1. Those who did not know, did not realize it in time, did not know how to pay the fare again or made a mistake – this one will pay a fine of 400 or 500 zlotys. Well, unless the toll payment verification system did not work as it should, or that the National Revenue Administration simply forgives the first “free riders”.

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How was the e-Toll system introduced?

The Ministry of Finance (the National Revenue Administration – KAS is responsible for the implementation of electronic payments and toll collection) made payments via the e-Toll application available at the end of June 2021. The 3.5 t e-Toll is a method of payment for toll roads, the network of which extends significantly beyond toll sections of motorways. For an ordinary passenger car driver, Kowalski, the system (so far) is valid only on two toll sections of motorways (A2 on the Konin-Stryków section and A4 on the Wrocław-Sośnica section). In order to test the system and make users of passenger cars using state motorways accustomed to it, the e-Toll PL application has been available for several months, but at the same time, it was possible to pay for the toll traditionally – at the gates at the entrance to the motorway. The e-Toll PL application is based on the geolocation of the vehicle – i.e. after starting it tracks the journey, counting the kilometers traveled on the tolled section, and then charges the money for the journey from a special account (prepaid – you need to have funds on it in advance). The start of the e-Toll, obligatory for everyone, combined with the opening of the motorway barriers, is scheduled for December 1. As announced, they did so.

You don’t like the e-Toll PL application? Then buy a ticket!

For months, KAS has been announcing that e-Bilet will be an alternative to paying with the e-Toll application. E-Ticket is nothing more than a ticket / electronic vignette, which – attention – you can buy for each ride! You must provide the car’s registration number, start time and route: from to. Technically (more on this later), it is incomparably easier than launching the e-Toll PL application, but the inconvenience of this form of payment is greater than the payment at the barrier, it requires route planning. “We’re going back to the People’s Republic of Poland? In the past, we had to report trips abroad and ask for permission, now I report driving from point A to point B. Oh, sorry, consent is given automatically, so everything is fine.”

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Honestly, buying an e-Ticket, apart from having to plan a route, is really easy, but …

The e-Toll Bilet PL application was made available to drivers in the evening of November 30, a few hours before the “hard” start of the system. In addition, due to an error by the authors of the application, it fell out of search results in the Play Store for several hours – a platform for downloading applications by users of Android phones. It could not be done, for example, a month earlier?

E-Toll PL application – what’s the problem?

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The e-Toll PL application – for drivers of passenger cars in the period is the only temporary payment method for the motorway – turned out to be a complete failure from Kowalski’s point of view. Well, yes: just downloading the application is a cliché, but then you have to link it to the car, its user, and also to the Internet Customer Account (IKK) at KAS, which you have to set up and configure. The system, by definition, created for professionals, accountants and fleet administrators using professional tools may be simple, but it exceeds Kowalski, and often also the capabilities of his smartphone. You must log in to IKK via the Trusted Profile or the mObywat application. While the first car (after application corrections) is “sucked” into the account from the CEPiK database easily, because on the basis of the registration number, the second one: enter the data, scan the registration document, wait for confirmation, switch …

E-Toll PL application according to the Ministry of Finance

Problems with the application of passenger car drivers, the Ministry of Finance, asked for a comment by “AS”, explains reasonably: “The e-TOLL PL application was created primarily for users of heavy vehicles and is used to pay electronic tolls on vehicles weighing more than 3 , 5 tons. Due to the fact that the value of the electronic toll depends, among others, on the emission class and the permissible total weight, some of the data changes, for example, in the case of using trailers of different weight classes during the journey, which results in It should also be remembered that registration in the e-TOLL system is also useful for entrepreneurs who manage a large fleet of trucks, exceeding even the number of one thousand vehicles and for this they need much more functionalities in the Internet Customer Account (IKK) – different levels access, e.g. administrator, accountant, etc .; a greater number of settlement accounts; various forms of payment tastes “.

The rest of the text below the video:

Everything is clear, but if so, why is there no convenient “tracking” application for the Kowalskis and why, for many weeks, the e-Toll PL application was the only alternative payment tool available for testing at motorway gates?

The e-Toll PL application in the opinion of drivers

Most of the opinions posted by Internet users, including the readers of Auto Świat, are not suitable for publication due to … the overly emotional tone of the statement. In short: registration in the system is too complicated and extensive, and the requirement that the application be displayed on the screen during the entire ride and that it is excluded from energy-saving systems on the smartphone causes the devices to heat up and hang. The e-Toll system itself freezes, for which the driver may ultimately be held responsible as if he had swindled the ride.

Photo: Agata Brzezińska / Auto Świat

E-Toll system: buy yourself a ticket

After a few days of operation of the system, it is clear that the most convenient way to pay for a toll in the current situation, when only two state sections of motorways are paid in this way, is to buy an e-Ticket. It can be purchased in the e-Toll Bilet PL application (not to be confused with the e-Toll PL application), but also in competing applications. Interesting fact: the option to buy an e-Ticket has been made available, among others in the Orlen Pay application and… this function in Orlen Pay is more friendly than the e-Toll Bilet application made especially for this purpose on the knee! For example, a helpful map is displayed, which will only appear in e-Toll Bilet PL with time. One more interesting fact: in e-Toll Bilet PL, in accordance with the instructions provided in the application, you can pay with Blik. In practice … this functionality does not exist – it is another “slippage”.

All motorways in Poland will be tolled

“It is a pity that the operators of concession motorways did not join the system, it would be easier” – a friend of GDDKiA sighs to me (GDDKiA is not formally responsible for the implementation of the e-Toll system, but also has a problem). So the slogan: “End of gates on state highways” comes down to the fact that when driving from Warsaw to the western border, we do not stop at the gates of one toll section, but then we stop at the next – concession gates. In addition, we buy an e-Ticket or simply a ticket.

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Analogue tickets (in fact, semi-analogue, because the registration number of our car and the planned travel time are entered into the system anyway) can be purchased at one of the 234 Orlen stations, and soon at some Lotos and (possibly) BP stations.

Meanwhile, GDDKiA informs on its websites that all motorways in Poland, in accordance with applicable law, will be tolled. There are still about 1,000 km of motorways in Poland to be paid. This is exactly what e-Toll is supposed to serve – currently, the decision to introduce payments on subsequent sections can be implemented almost from week to week.

We asked the Ministry of Finance how it imagined it (the more paid sections, the more complicated buying e-Tickets for each section is, the situation of drivers driving “by navigation” may become downright absurd).

The Ministry of Finance, responding to our questions, politely ignored this issue.

Ministry of Finance: “Moreover, we would like to inform you that there are ongoing development works both in the e-TOLL PL application and in the e-TOLL PL TICKET application. We want both tools to be as simple and functional as possible for every driver. In September this year, in the e-TOLL PL application a simpler form of registration in the Internet Customer Account (IKK) has been made available. Until today, over 36% of users have used the simplified form of registration. the same user interface to increase the convenience of using both applications. “

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