EA deleted MMO in the world of Harry Potter, and it would be a game doomed to success

If I had to name one and only film series that I can watch endlessly, it would probably be Harry Potter. Okay, I’m also a huge fan of Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and the first Matrix, but I watch Harry every year and so far I can’t get enough of it. I have played the vast majority of games in this universe (especially the first game released on PS2) and if I could lay my hands on an MMORPG in this world, I am convinced that I would be playing until today. Unfortunately, a weak nose for business among EA rulers definitely crossed my mind. Back then, in 2002 and 2003, when the first movies were released in theaters, EA felt that this was just a temporary phenomenon and that the MMORPG would not be much of a success. They haven’t seen him from books that have been on the market for several years? How much did they have to spit in each other’s beards?

After all, an MMO in the world of Hogwarts would be a bull’s eye

Looking at the last presentation of Hogwarts’s Legacy and the number of views of the trailer on YouTube (27 million on the PlayStation channel), it is clear that fans of the adventures of a young wizard are very hungry for another production set in this universe. Although in Hogwarts’s Legacy we will not control Harry, we will not meet Ron or Hermione, because the action is set in completely different times, the title still causes great excitement around the world. I am also looking forward to some long gameplay presentation. So let’s imagine what would happen if a MMORPG set in the world of Potter debuted on the market, regularly updated and refreshed over the last 15 years. On the day of its release, there would be a craze for it comparable to, or even greater, Warcraft, and the game could have 7 or 8 expansions today.

It is true that in EA’s plans it was not the typical MMORPG that is on my mind. Not World of Warcraft style. The original idea was to combine online and offline modes, where we could send certain “gifts” to other players or even challenge them to duels. The only question is whether it is real or one involving, for example, completing a task on time, but in your “rooms” in the network. I don’t know if it would make sense in that form, but there was even a beta version, so the work was already at a very advanced stage. Unfortunately, everything was thrown into the bin when the then management changed, and the new owners did not see any greater potential in this title or in the brand itself. What the ignorant, it is unimaginable today. In general, I’m surprised that some really good game in the Harry Potter universe is missing and I hope Hogwarts Legacy will change that.

Imagine what such a MMORPG could look like

It’s not that hard to build an idea for a game of this genre set in and around Hogwarts. Not only have the books provided hundreds of locations that could help in this, but also the films show some truly outstanding spots. To increase the sentimental value, let’s imagine that we create a little wizard who lands alive at a starting location resembling a housing estate of small British houses on Privet Drive 4. At the beginning, we struggle with trivial tasks and gain experience by serving a family similar to the book Dursleys. Upon reaching level 6 of experience, we receive a letter from Hogwarts inviting us on a great, magical journey. Up to this point, we do not have any special, magical abilities and, like Harry, we can only talk in the language of snakes or hide an object when we are angry. Nobody knows our story, so here I would depart from quoting “the boy who survived”. However, it could appear in the background as a local legend.

Between the 6th and 10th level of experience, I would see tasks focused around Pokątna Street, including the struggle in the Dziurawy Kocioł pub. I imagine how we have to buy the first wand, the first books, and win the favor of the first NPCs. It is at this point that I would also see other players who, like us, struggle with the problems of “first years” and dream, for example, of the cosmically fast Nimbus 2022 broomstick. Depending on the choices we made, we could modify the plot, experience other adventures or randomly inherit caches full of gold, having rich parents. On the other hand, it’s nice if everyone has equal chances. The next step? Way to platforms 9 and 3/4 and train journey to Hogwarts. A short cutscene and you land under the castle.

How many amazing possibilities would be here. After all, the sheer number of corridors at Hogwarts is literally countless, the number of hidden passages or nooks and crannies countless, and local legends would circulate around the school halls. I don’t require you to focus on passing each level in MMORPG, I would see it more as necessary tasks, but much shorter and dexterous. It would be great to bring back characters known from movies such as Professor Snape, Dumbledore or McGonagall. The entire envelope would have to arouse enormous emotions among the fans. There could be no shortage of fighting the troll, points assigned to each of the houses and the tiara of the assignment, which will decide where we land. I know there would be a lot of Gryffindor and Slytherin fans, so it’s great if the tiara decides based on our choices when creating a character, and even better if the hero doesn’t have much influence on it or could at most suggest something.

I also see a fight with the Basilisk in the later stages, flying cars similar to Father Weasley’s car, or a whipping willow that we must avoid on the way to Hagrid’s cabin. A hairdresser could not be missing, because Harry’s hair grew regularly, as JK Rowling wrote in The Philosopher’s Stone. I would also see an opportunity to develop magic skills, a wand shop or Quidditch online games. In later stages, there would be more floors of Hogwarts Castle and more, much more difficult tasks. Each of the heroes would have their own unique Patronus, and each could form groups by going to the forbidden forest and fighting with Aragog as the boss. There would also have to be alchemy in the game and the possibility of getting better robes and more valuable equipment, but this has enormous potential. The greatest fun would, of course, be spells and great battles. Maybe during the “end game”, after reaching the maximum level of experience, we would finally fight with Lord Voldemort himself? Maybe we would see Tom Riddle growing up during the game? After all, the number of creative options here is endless.

It all makes me regret that such a project will probably never come into being. It would have to be delivered with a huge budget and an even better team, under the supervision of a large publisher who would finance the development team for the next five or six years. Sure, even after this time, returning to the world of Hogwarts will not be a bad idea, because there are more generations of kids who, like people my age, love the whole universe and the Harry Potter movies. I’m also going to be tossing Rowling’s books to my kids. It has created such a perfect world that it should find a bit more interest in the gaming market. But maybe it’s the fault of EA, which bought the rights to the brand, and this company is not famous for any outstanding productions, let alone the ability to create games based on a well-known brand. Shame. I am curious how you would perceive such an MMO. Let’s let your imagination run wild in the comments. Speak soon!

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