EA on FUT (FIFA 22) and hackers: apology and announcement ?? changes

January 11, 2022, 20:04

An apology and an announcement ?? changes ?? here’s the answer ?? Electronic Arts after an investigation into breaches of the accounts of top streamers and FUT card traders in FIFA 22.


  1. Electronic Arts issued the second, longer statement on breaches to the accounts of the largest collectors and traders of FUT cards in the game FIFA 22;
  2. The publisher apologized for the whole situation and announced that access to the accounts and their content would be restored to the rightful owners, as well as changes in customer service in similar cases.

Electronic Arts has published announcement on recent reports about breaking into the accounts of the biggest collectors and card dealers of FIFA Ultimate Team. So far, the publisher of the FIFA series has referred to the whole scandal only in a very short statement for industry websites with information about the initiation of an investigation.

As we read on the official EA website, the investigation is still ongoing, but accounts were stolen by hackers impersonating other people. Through threats and other social engineering ?? the scammers, we quote, were able to take advantage of a human error in the customer service department and bypass the two-step login verification ??.

EA estimates that fewer than 50 accounts have been hacked in this way and is working on identifying their legitimate owners. Users will regain not only access to them, but also their contents, and therefore most likely all lost FIFA cards and coins.

The company also admitted that it needs to try harder? in terms of reducing the impact of ?? human error ?? on matters related to the security of accounts. In practice, this will translate into new group and individual training for help desk employees assisting with account problems, additional steps in verifying the identity of the owners and updating software related to customer service..

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Electronic Arts also apologized for all the confusion and coldly received first statement from last week. It lacked any specific information, which was supposed to result from a thorough investigation by the company:

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused and for not being able to share any additional details in our first announcement last week as we have been conducting a thorough investigation. We thank the entire community for their patience as we continue to address this issue and try to rectify the situation.

EA’s message was met with positive reaction players, albeit some they considered it a success for the media and the community, and not a demonstration of the publisher’s own initiative (reports of this “gap” have allegedly been around for a long time, albeit not on the same scale as in recent weeks). There is also still the problem of de facto leakage of data of injured persons, including e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

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