Each Julia Roberts film was rated from worst to best

Each Julia Roberts film was rated from worst to best

Prêt-à-Porter, also known as Prêt-à-Porter, contains all the ingredients needed to be a good movie. Focused on Paris Fashion Week, starring a major celebrity like Roberts and directed by acclaimed director Robert Altman, it feels like a blow. In practice, very little of this 1994 film worked. The piece in the collection centers on the death of fashion leader Olivier de la Fontaine (Jean-Pierre Cassel), president of the Fashion Council, who chokes on a sandwich while traveling in a limousine. There are more than 30 characters in the film, but none of them manage to save her from critical brutality rotten tomatoes even making New York Times List One of the worst films of 1994.

Roberts is somewhat removed from many events, which include not only an investigation into Olivier’s death, but also the invectives of his wife, his lover, three rival magazine editors, a scandalous photographer, and much more. Her journalistic character, Anne Eisenhower, is forced to share a room with fellow reporter Joe Flynn (Tim Robbins), and the two basically fluctuate for the duration of the film. Despite the film’s flaws, famed film critic Roger Ebert singled out Roberts’ story as one of the subtlest, saying, “Robbins and Roberts, who hardly ever leave their room, create a bittersweet sense of a self-contained relationship that doesn’t it refers to their real life, past or future, and will wither when exposed to reality. “

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