Each new building must have a car charging station

There will need to be at least one charging point per building with “assigned parking”. According to the new regulations, new non-residential buildings must also have charging points for electric vehicles.

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The UK government has estimated that the new rules, formulated in response to a consultation by the Department for Transport, will mean that at least 145,000 people will be installed in England each year. additional charging points as part of a wider carbon reduction plan.

Almost every apartment building, office building or supermarket in Great Britain is to be equipped with a place where it will be possible to charge an electric car.

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About 250 thousand electric vehicle charging points in Great Britain

These rules will be introduced in parliament before the end of this year, followed by an “adjustment period” of six months.

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According to the British government, around 250,000 jobs have been installed in homes and workplaces so far. electric vehicle charging points. The UK currently has around 26,000. public charging points.

The new British law will also apply to modernized buildings. Each of them will have to install a device with which it will be possible to charge an electric car.

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