Earnings in customer service departments in 2020

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7,053 employees from customer service departments took part in the National Remuneration Survey 2020. Of which 60 percent. were women, 25 percent. people aged 18 to 25, 33 percent had secondary or post-secondary education, 29 percent worked in companies employing 1,000 or more employees.

The highest wages in customer service departments were received by employees from the Mazowieckie voivodship – PLN 4,800. The differences in wages in different voivodeships amounted to a maximum of PLN 1,658. The employees of these departments in Warsaw itself earned much more. The median of their earnings was PLN 5,094.

According to the National Remuneration Survey, directors in customer service departments earned PLN 12,900. Managers from 5,094 to 8,000 PLN. On the other hand, specialists from PLN 3800 to PLN 5094. Regular employees earned the least – PLN 3,311.

The highest wages were received by employees with the longest work experience – PLN 4,661. At the beginning of their careers, employees earned PLN 1,200 less. The median of their wages is PLN 3,400.

The table below presents the total remuneration in customer service departments in selected positions.

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Jagoda Jurczak
Sedlak & Sedlak

Information about the study: In 2020, 118 767 people participated in the National Remuneration Survey (OSW). Of which 58 percent. were men, 70 percent. people have higher education, 54 percent lives in large cities (over 100,000 inhabitants), 46% respondents work in a large or large company (over 250 employees), 82 percent. works in private companies, and 50 percent. of the respondents have worked less than 8 years.

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