Earnings in Poland. The CSO released data on the median wages

Most of us rarely think about the term median. We learn it in maths lessons in primary school and then we often forget. If someone does not remember, we remind them. The median is the middle value of an ordered sequence of numbers. In the case of earnings, this means that half of Poles earn less, and half of Poles more than its value.

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The CSO publishes data on the median only every two years, because it is a very expensive study, and the processing of the data collected during it takes a long time (months).

In October 2018, the median earnings were PLN 4,094.98 gross. The latest publication of the office (Monday 22/11/2021) shows that in October 2020 the median earnings in Poland amounted to PLN 4,702.66 gross. That is about PLN 3403 net – “on hand”. For comparison, the average remuneration in October 2020 was PLN 5,748.24 gross.

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