Earth and Moon in Lucy’s sights

A spectacular portrait of our planet taken from a distance of 620,000 kilometers. It is the author’s shot made by Lucythe NASA probe on its way to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, an ancient population of cosmic ‘fossils’ orbiting the Sun at the same distance as the gas giant. To get to these distant asteroids, the probe must exploit three times the severity terrestrialin order to get the right push into deep space.

These maneuvers also serve to begin calibrating Lucy’s scientific instruments, an operation that took place for the first time last time 15 October. Day in which the suggestive terrestrial image just released by NASA was created. Not only that: also the moon entered the viewfinder of the US probe, which immortalized our satellite at a distance of 1.4 million kilometers.

But this double Earth-Moon portrait is only the beginning: it started in theOctober 2021Lucy will perform a 12 year journey, during which it will pass close to a huge amount of ancient asteroids. Thus giving us a completely new look at a still unexplored corner of the solar system.

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