Earthquake: “Blood” donors are still flocking

It is enormous. It was, perhaps, unpredictable. All the blood transfusion centers were stormed by donors. Very far from the responses we saw when calls were made urgently when we felt immediate needs.

Following the earthquake, donors were quick to come en masse. According to official data, on Saturday following the Al Haouz earthquake, no less than 8,000 people responded to the call of national duty, from 8 a.m. The next day, 11,000 Moroccans took their patience in their hearts, in endless lines, for a heart donation of their blood.

As of last Sunday, there were tens of thousands. More than 40,000. And the numbers can be much larger. The momentum continues because we know that the needs are enormous for the days to come.

The entire country is mobilized. In addition to donations in kind, everyone began paying into account 126. In a spontaneous outburst of solidarity, the announcements carried billions of dirhams. It is the Kingdom of Morocco.

Abroad, Moroccans around the world are active and mobilizing. This is not a time for speeches or controversies, as Gad Elmaleh insinuated, on the set of a French television channel whose responses were felt on a large scale. Not forgetting calls from Will Smith or even the queen of pop Madonna and other celebrities.

A show, signed Gad, is planned in Paris, all proceeds from which will go to Special Account 126. Thanks to royal guidelines, the solidarity dynamic is gaining more and more momentum.

In the process, the Executive refines and acts to be in tune with the royal instructions. And this, by responding to emergencies while keeping reconstruction in mind. A Moroccan model of reactivity, even proactivity. The reconstruction is on track, in all its components.

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