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Every day more and more daughters of Russian oligarchs and politicians who publicly oppose Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine, calling for peace and an end to all violence. Among the rebellious girls there is also Karina Boguslavskij, eldest daughter of the deputy Irek, very close to the tsar, who – like many of her peers – asked for “an end to the tragedy”. The revolt against Putin almost always takes place on social media.

Maria Yumasheva, Putin's nightmare: who is this girl and how she humiliates the tsar, unprecedented in the Kremlin

It is on Instagram, in fact, that Boguslavskij stressed the need to call “our dear ones, comrades, friends”. In short, anyone who can help put an end to “this tragedy”. A message from Karina who, as reported by the Corriere della Serait seems to be addressed precisely to papa Irek, Deputy of United Russia and Putin’s personal friend. In short, a big case, indeed huge, in the Duma.

Vladimir Putin?  Sexy, blonde, very rich: the girl who humiliates and challenges the Tsar

Among the other rich kids (as they are defined by the media) who have lined up against the Tsar there are also Elizaveta Peskova, eldest daughter of spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who first wrote and then deleted her posts for peace; Roman Abramovich’s daughter, Sofia; the 19-year-old granddaughter of Boris Yeltsin Maria Yumasheva and the 40-year-old daughter of the former mayor of St. Petersburg Ksenia Sobchakuntil recently defined the Russian Paris Hilton because of its not sober lifestyle.

Roman Abramovich, punish the oligarch and kill Chelsea: financial crash, because the Premier trembles

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