Eataly, Investindustrial buys 52% of the Oscar Farinetti- chain

Eatley changes masters. Investindustrial, Andrea Bonomi’s investment company, has acquired 52% of the restaurant and food retail chain created by Oscar Farinetti, to accelerate global expansion. The operation provides for a capital increase of 200 milioni and a concomitant purchase (for an undisclosed amount) by Investindustrial of a portion of the stakes held by existing shareholders, to bring the private equity firm to hold the majority. At closing, Investindustrial will hold 52% of the capital, while the historical shareholders Eatinvest (Farinetti family), the Baffigo / Miroglio family and Clubitaly (Tamburi Investment Partners) will hold the remaining 48% of the capital overall.

The de facto capital increase clears the company’s net financial debt, to ensure maximum financial flexibility and push for expansion on a global scale. The company estimates a turnover of 600 million in 2022, thanks to 44 stores in 15 countries, including Italy, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden and Brazil. The fresh resources contributed by Investindustrial will serve on the one hand to support Eataly’s growth in Italy and in the rest of the world, through support for local agri-food chains and the export of excellent products, and through the expansion of flagship stores in all over the world both with the development of new formats. In line with the growth strategy, also envisaged the acquisition of the remaining 40% of Eataly’s business in the United States.

Oscar Farinetti’s son Nicola will step down as CEO to assume that of president. In its place, a highly experienced manager will soon arrive to lead growth on a global scale. The Investindustrial project keeps the company in Italy (the headquarters in Monticello D’Alba, in the province of Cuneo), but focuses on a strong growth on foreign markets, starting with the United States, where the chain is already present with 8 flagship stores, and on the development in the Middle East – Asiawhere the group currently has 16 franchised outlets.

The move to Eataly represents a further strengthening of Investindustrial in the food sector, where it recently invested over 2.5 billion, focusing on three segments. The first is the development of the private label, through La DoriaEuropean producer of legumes, peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp and fruit juices and the food preparation division di TreeHouse Foods, a recently acquired American company. The second is the ingredients, through CSM Ingredients, Italcanditi and Hi-Food, companies that produce, among other functional ingredients with a high foodtech content, and to which the US has recently been added Parker Food Group. Finally, the third sector is catering, through the Dispensa Emilia restaurant chainwhere Eataly is now added.

Andrea Bonomi, president of Investindustrial, presents itself as a long-term industrial partner, strengthened by our experience in promoting the development of the companies we support with a view to global development based on the highest ESG and sustainability principles. Recognizing Eataly as a unique player that the Farinetti family, thanks to its vision and entrepreneurial ability, has led in the revolution of the concept of high quality Italian food all over the world, promises to support Eataly’s next stage of growth, preserving its DNA. and uniqueness and maintaining the profile of sustainability, supply chain control and ethics.

The signed agreement opens up a strategic partnership that projects Eataly into a new phase in its history, which promises to have great growth at an international level. And that will allow us to strengthen our unique format in the world, promote projects linked to innovation and enhance our talents, says Nicola Farinetti. We are happy to take this new path together with a very high profile partner such as Investindustrial, who shares Eataly’s values ​​and vision, and who has chosen to support us in achieving our goal of becoming the spokesperson for Made in Italy in Italy and in the world. , he adds knowing that the know-how and resources that Investindustrial will bring to the Eataly model represent an extraordinary lever to look to the future with greater confidence and momentum.

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