Ecuador 2-1 Uruguay goals and overview in Conmebol qualifying | September 12, 2023

17:023 hours ago

End of the match Ecuador 2-1 Uruguay

16:444 hours ago

In the second round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers, Ecuador grabs three points in the final minutes of the match.

16:404 hours ago

Uruguay looked desperate to put pressure on and score an equalizer.

16:324 hours ago

Ecuador made changes aimed at refreshing the team.

16:284 hours ago

Uruguay put pressure on them, hoping to quickly equalize the score.

16:244 hours ago

Gour, from Ecuador, scored the second goal for his home team.

16:204 hours ago

Enel Valencia missed a penalty that could have given the locals an advantage.

16:194 hours ago

Uruguay will make modifications with the intention of becoming more aggressive.

16:184 hours ago

Ecuador aims for winning goal

15:525 hours ago

Halftime Ecuador 1-1 Uruguay

15:425 hours ago

Uruguay’s goal puts the visitors ahead before the break.

15:385 hours ago

The situation at the end of the first half indicated that both teams would head into halftime tied goalless.

15:305 hours ago

The scoreboard didn’t move, and the game was a heated match with a scoreless tie.

15:275 hours ago

Ecuador doesn’t stop pressing, but Uruguay plays great defense.

15:235 hours ago

Ecuador came very close to taking the lead, but Uruguay’s goalkeeper played heroic.

15:155 hours ago

Uruguay gradually released the pressure and tried to create a scoring play.

15:125 hours ago

Ecuador kept up the pressure and approached the opening goal.

15:075 hours ago

Uruguay will wait for their rivals with pressure and try to create danger with speed and counters.

15:045 hours ago

Ecuador started the game with more possession.

15:015 hours ago

The match between Ecuador and Chile begins.

14:506 hours ago

All preparations have been made for the start of the game, and both teams are waiting in the tunnel for the national anthem and the signal to start the game.

14:456 hours ago

Both teams will finish warming up and go to the locker room for a final discussion with their coaches before the game begins.

14:406 hours ago

It’s a great entry into this stadium and the fans don’t abandon their team and take their place for the weigh-in for this qualifying match.

14:306 hours ago

As this spectacular building gradually fills up, both teams are already warming up and preparing for how this match will go.

14:206 hours ago

Both teams have already entered the stadium and will be warming up on the pitch within minutes, preparing for the announcement of their starting squads.

14:156 hours ago

Fans are slowly starting to arrive at the stadium, with many fans from Ecuador attending this match, and a full house is expected for this second leg of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

14:106 hours ago

In addition to the latest information from the field at Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, we’ll be bringing you the starting lineup for Ecuador vs. Uruguay in Round 2 of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers live. Don’t miss the minute-by-minute details of the match, which will be broadcast live online from VAVEL México.

14:006 hours ago

Tomorrow, in addition to this Ecuador vs. Uruguay match, Bolivia vs. Peru, Venezuela vs. Uruguay, Chile vs. Colombia, and Peru vs. Brazil will be played. Important teams will take part and compete for a ticket to the World Cup.

13:457 hours ago

Neither team has any injuries or suspensions, so they will be able to have a full squad for the second qualifying round of Conmebol for the 2026 World Cup, with two very strong teams in the region.

13:407 hours ago

They have faced their predecessors seven times, with Ecuador winning three, Uruguay drawing one, and winning three, so there are no favorites, but considering the current situation, the Uruguay team will likely be a little weaker. . This is his second win and he is the favorite to take the lead in the tournament at Conmebol.

13:357 hours ago

On the other hand, the Uruguay team showed an overwhelming performance from start to finish, defeating Chile 3-1, winning the soccer class, and earning their first 3 points. They are currently in 2nd place with 3 points. There is. A point would put Brazil in contention for the lead in goals scored, but they would have to visit Ecuador, where they would look at who paid, not who did it. A very competitive match is expected. Full of goals and emotions.

13:307 hours ago

The Ecuadorian team had just lost 0-1 to Argentina, but the game was very close and it would take Lionel Messi’s genius free kick to beat the Ecuadorian goal by the slimmest of margins and claim victory. did not become. , the Ecuadorian team will earn a point at all costs against Uruguay, remove three penalty points from the bottom of the overall standings ahead of the 2026 World Cup, and end this FIFA in the best possible way. I would aim to do that. World Cup qualifying begins on this day and in Conmebol.

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