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And two: Ed Sheeran will come out Autumn Variations his second album of 2023… this fall!

Made up of fourteen new songs exploring the emotions shared by the English singer-songwriter and his friends – love, heartache, depression and loneliness – the successor to will arrive on September 23. A date that is not a coincidence since it coincides with the autumn equinox.

Last fall, I found that my friends and I were going through many changes in our lives. After the summer heat, everything calmed down, stabilized, collapsed, stopped or imploded“, said the British singer in a press release.

When I went through a tough time early last year, writing songs helped me understand my feelings and come to terms with what was going on, and when I learned about my friends’ different situations, I wrote songs, some from their point of view, some from mine, to capture how they and I saw the world at that time. There were ups, like falling in love and making new friendships, and downs, like being heartbroken, suffering from depression, loneliness, and confusion. My father and my brother told me about a composer called Elgarwho composed Enigma Variations, of which each of the 14 compositions speaks of one of his friends. That’s what inspired me for this album“.

Autumn Variationswhich will be released for the first time on its own label Gingerbread Man Recordsis the result of a new collaboration between the singer and his producer and close collaborator Aaron Desner.

We wrote and recorded tirelessly and this album was born out of that partnership. I feel like it has captured the feeling of autumn wonderfully in its tones and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.

Artwork and tracklisting by Autumn Variations

1. Magical
4.Plastic Bag
6. American Town
7. That’s On Me
9. Midnight
11. Punchline
12. When Will I Be Alright
13. The Day I Was Born
14. Head > Heels

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