Ed Sheeran warns against AI

In a new interview, Ed Sheeran explains that he is wary of AI: ” Haven’t you seen the movies where they kill us all? “.

Ed Sheeran has no plans to ask ChatGPT for help anytime soon. The singer sat down with Audacy Live ahead of a concert to share his feelings about artificial intelligence and how he’d rather it didn’t exist.

What I don’t understand about AI is… For the past 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you, “Don’t do it”. And now everybody doesdid he declare. I say to myself: “Have you seen the movies where they kill us all?”. I don’t know why we need it either. If you’re taking a job away from a human being, that’s probably a bad thing. If everything is done by robots, everyone will end up unemployed. »

And to conclude: I find the AI ​​a bit weird. »

Music that harnesses artificial intelligence has made its way into the music industry in recent months, with TikTok videos going viral of AI covers of songs, and artists like Grimes even inviting people to use his voice to create music.

RollingStone asked Grammy-winning songwriter Evan Bogart, who worked on ” Halo to create an AI-powered viral song. ” I like the idea of ​​collaborating with AI. There are some things that I naturally gravitate towards as a music maker, and maybe there are other ways of writing that I don’t know that collaborating with AI could open me up to. . I think people who adopt it in this way will find it very positive. »

Tomas Mier

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