eden hazard bears it all

It’s 31st August and Eden Hazard still hasn’t found a club. Does Brainois want to continue his career? That’s the question everyone is asking while waiting for the white smoke.

At RMC, Jerome Rothen explained that he was disappointed that Eden Hazard stayed there. The former PSG or even Sporting Bastia says the 32-year-old left winger should have been an example. In short, if Brabancon decides to remove the cramp, it is because he surely has his reasons. “The new generation are blamed for not loving football, they should have been an example. The message sent is not a good one, I am extremely disappointed.”

Eden Hazard

The man who would have been a dream for Lille, Chelsea and Red Devils fans is currently worth five million euros. Real Madrid, on its part, in 2019 spent no less than one hundred and fifteen million euros to secure the services of the one meter seventy-five right-back. At the time of his arrival in the capital of Spain, Eden Hazard still cost one hundred and fifty million euros. Like what… in football everything can happen very fast.

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