Eden Hazard’s brother’s secrets on his retirement

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Retirement or not for Eden Hazard? This is a question that is of great interest to Belgian fans and followers of European football. After leaving Real Madrid this summer, the former Chelsea star has not yet stated whether he wants to continue his career. If the avenues in MLS and Saudi Arabia were mentioned this summer, the Belgian has decided not to join these challenges.

Mysteries of Killian Hazard

Killian Hazard is the lesser known brother of Eden and Thorgan but he is also a professional player. Playing in midfield, the 26-year-old plays for RWD Molenbeek in the top flight of Belgian football. The latter spoke about the situation of his brother who has been quite restrained in the press in recent weeks.

“At the moment, he is not moving on, but I don’t know if his career is over or not… If he takes a final decision, it will be up to him to say. Eden is now in Madrid as her children go to school there and she has decided to take it easy for now. We talk all the time and I know what he does every day, he just tries to enjoy life,” she said for the first time, as reported by AS.

“He loves football, it has always been his biggest passion and that is why he has given his all for every team he has played for. He did everything he could and won trophies at every club he played for, including Real Madrid. If I were him, I would stop immediately, I would say goodbye to football… After a long career like his, I think Eden deserves to spend time with his family,” Killian Hazard concluded. .

to sum up

One of Eden Hazard’s brothers has spoken out about the life of the former Belgium international, who left Real Madrid this summer without being sure about his future in football. “It will be up to him to say if he takes a final decision. Eden is now in Madrid because his children go to school there and he has decided to remain quiet for the time being”, announced Killian Hazard.

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