Edyta Górniak claims that Lady Gaga worships Satan. “Ah, how she loves horns”

About instagram stories Edyta Górniak has been in the media for some time. The artist eagerly publishes her thoughts on spirituality and … the coronavirus. Fans of the artist from her speeches and entries could also learn that aliens exist and are divided into races that favor and care for people, and sinister entities that … envy Earthlings contact with God.

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The artist has repeatedly emphasized that she works for good. In one of the live, she also said that she did not serve unclean forces, but God. In this context, it is not surprising that Lady Gaga’s photo appeared in her Instagram account, which the Polish singer marked with the sign “Danger”.

Photo: Instagram / archiwumagorniak

Edyta Górniak believes that Lady Gaga is a “handmaid” of Satan

Edyta Górniak believes that Lady Gaga is a “servant” of evil powers

On the photo of Lady Gaga she posted, Edyta Górniak marked the sign in the circle in which her fingers are placed and revealed what it could mean in her reading:

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

Under the photo of the person who, according to her, works for Satan, Edyta Górniak revealed that in the past she considered Lady Gaga a person worthy of her trust:

It is not known whether Edyta Górniak knew about Lady Gaga’s supposed satanic connotations when incl. at the Musical Theater in Łódź in 2019. she sang her hit “I’ll never love again”, however, it is known what the star does in the evenings.

In the last post on Instagram, she posted a short video with the location given as “God is my Lord”, in which immortalized her evening candlelit meditations with a notebook with pages written with repeating lines:

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