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Alessandro Sallusti

“We know what a atomic conflictit is madness to risk such a thing but we must help the Ukrainian people“. Alexander Sallusti, guest of Lilli Gruber to Half past eight on La7 in the episode of 11 March, he explains that in light of this, “we must sustain resistance ukraine if she wants to resist. If he decides to resist, we must also help them with weapons, because wars are won with weaponsthey are not won with words. “And, continues the director of Free, “if the Allies had not armed the partisans, the war would probably have taken another turn”.

Direct Moscow will supply arms to Belarus.  Countdown: Towards the final assault on Kiev?

“Support Ukraine also with weapons”. Watch the video of Sallusti at Otto e mezzo

“The armed partisans made the resistance”, Sallusti emphasizes. “For example, they have saved many Jews from persecution, they have carried out sabotage and intelligence operations, they have been a tool of the allied army”. Of course, he adds, “the allied army is missing here. We are not Ukrainians, we are not there under the bombs. In short, it is one thing to talk about it, it is one thing to experience things “.

Vladimir Putin

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Finally the director of Free insists on comparing Putin with Hitler: “Even though almost a century has passed, Hitler has begun his escalation by claiming some sort of sovereignty on an alleged people of German origin in Czechoslovakia and Europe allowed him to do so and everything started from there. “In short, Sallusti concludes,” history teaches that crazy people must be stopped “. The analogies, moreover, as the presenter also observes,” are disturbing “.

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