Eight neoplastic tumors were detected in the woman. For years she had been looking for help from doctors

The 31-year-old British woman has eight neoplastic tumors and fights with stage 4 cancer because, as she claims, for five years doctors did not detect a tumor and ignored the symptoms reported by the woman during online consultations.

Joanna Georgiou has tumors in the heart area, in the lungs and in one knee. The disease developed in a young woman for several years and during that time, as she herself says, she reported to doctors who ignored the problem.

Concerned about her health, the 31-year-old paid a visit to a private clinic, during which she learned that she had cancer in an advanced stage.

She heard that it was an ordinary cyst

The woman said in an interview that it all started with a small lump in her knee that was not recognized as a cancerous tumor. However, it was synovial sarcoma, a malignant tumor that affects the joints.

The woman first noticed the lump in 2016 and was initially told it was a cyst, given ibuprofen and sent home. The pain in her joint continued to worsen, prompting her to see more doctors, each prescribing stronger painkillers.

“I spent years going to various doctors and specialists because I knew something was wrong,” said Joanna Georgiou.

– At one point I was told it was a benign tumor and I was put on the waiting list for its removal. But I was at the end of that list because I was told there were more important cancer patients ahead of me, the woman recalls.

In 2021, the 31-year-old tried again to get help, but due to the pandemic, she was only offered an online consultation, after which, according to the woman, she received no recommendations. Then, on her own, she visited a private clinic, where she was diagnosed with grade 4 synovial sarcoma.

Joanna has undergone chemotherapy and is considering amputating her cancerous leg to save her life.

– After four rounds of chemotherapy, six tumors in my lungs remained unchanged. The lump in the knee actually changed place and shape but didn’t get smaller and the lump near my heart has changed the most, it started at nine centimeters and is now three and a half centimeters, which sounds like good news but overall no it has such a big influence on my prognosis, she said.

Synovial sarcoma. How to recognize this cancer?

Synovial sarcoma is a rare malignant neoplasm that occurs mainly in young people (under 30 years of age). The tumor is mainly located in the lower extremities.

The symptoms of synovial sarcoma include:

  • palpable tumor,
  • pain at the site of the tumor
  • the appearance of tumor swelling,
  • restriction of mobility in the joint,
  • fever,
  • numbness due to the tumor’s pressure on the nerves,
  • constant fatigue,
  • weight loss and loss of appetite,
  • enlargement of the lymph nodes.

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Source: dailymail.co.uk; onkolmed.pl

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