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Eisenburn, who brought time as the main character in an episode of Masterchef Brazil 10 The band performed an unprecedented test at the competition this Tuesday (15th). In this controversy, which reflects living in the moment and having fun at 1x speed, no judges define time, no amateur cook speeds up or omits important steps. I was able to do what I had to do in a reasonable amount of time. And this principle crampon mode: Live life at 1x speed.

In terms of tasting, the jury decided that the dish had to express its unique qualities of love, care, and care, and deliver results with an artisanal touch of its own. In honor of Eisenway, the food should not be too fast or too slow, but made in a way that life deserves to be lived and enjoyed.

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This reasoning also applies to everyday life. That means being present, paying attention to the minutiae of everyday life, seeing friends, having lunch with family, and so on. If you take care of it on a daily basis, it will have a nicer texture. For Eisenbahn, time is a fundamental element, both in beer and in everyday life.

With the exception of the no-timer test, participants had 3 minutes to shop in the market afterward, with no set end time. If one cook takes too long to prepare a dish, other cooks who can deliver the finished dish will be preferred. As a result, according to the judges’ evaluation, the dish that took the longest time to cook was left to the end. People who finished eating raised their hands and asked the chef to taste it.

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