Ekstraklasa: Dariusz Stalmach – who is the 15-year-old debutant from Górnik Zabrze?

Fifteen-year-old Dariusz Stalmach makes his debut in Ekstraklasa in the colors of Górnik Zabrze. The young midfielder has earned such a chance, among other things, with his recent successful performances in the Central Youth League

In search of the best place for development, a teenager visits Upper Silesia. He started in Mikulczyce, in Sparta Zabrze, moved to Rozwoju Katowice, then Ruch Radzionków, and in 2018 he joined Górnik. After three seasons of playing in the junior teams of the fourteen-time Polish champion, in July this year he was taken to his debut training camp of the first team.

Two new faces appeared in Opalenica then. 36-year-old world champion Lukas Podolski and Stalmach, who is over 21 years younger than him. After four months, Jan Urban decided to use the services of a midfielder for the first time, and immediately put him in the main line-up in a prestigious match with the Warsaw Legia. At the time of his debut, Dariusz Stalmach was 15 years and 348 days old.

This made him the tenth youngest rookie in the history of Ekstraklasa. The leader of this ranking is Janusz Sroka, who played for Cracovia at the age of 15 and 57 days. The second place is taken by a player from much closer to us. Kacper Urbański (15 years and 105 days) did it last season, the third Zygmunt Biedrzycki made his debut at the age of 15 and 181 days for it almost a hundred years ago, in 1927. Zygmunt Kajras, Kacper Kozłowski, Daniel Hoyo-Kowalski, Mirosław Pękała, Gerard Wodarz and Mariusz Kukiełka.

Dariusz Stalmach deserves his chance with a good game in the U18 Central Youth League (eight games) and the third-league reserves of the Zabrze club (nine games), where he has the opportunity to play against seniors. Even in these junior competitions, however, there are not many younger players than him. The midfielder has been doing very well in “CLJ” lately. He scored goals in the last three matches, and the long-distance shot against Warta Poznań was one of the most beautiful in the entire queue.

The talented pupil of Sparta Zabrze is called up to the Polish national team until the age of 16. Joachim Hutka was the younger rookie in the history of Górnik Zabrze, but Stalmach outperformed the legendary Włodzimierz Lubański.

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