Ekstraklasa: Termalica Nieciecza – Górnik Łęczna. Judicial controversy

The first half is a typical example of a fight match with many offenses, aggression and tough play. Judge Tomasz Wajda definitely had his hands full, as evidenced by the VAR used in the 23rd second of the match, which ended with a red card. How did the referees do in this match?

In fact, the match has just started, and the ball was played by the defenders of Termalika. Nemanja Tekijaski took the ball, turned towards his goalkeeper and was attacked by Damian Gąska. As the repetitions showed, the Górnik’s forward “pecked” the ball forward, and the defender from Nieciecza, who was trying to save the situation, kicked his rival and knocked him over onto the pitch. The referee Tomasz Wajda decided that the hosts’ player played the ball and let the game go on. Tomasz Kwiatkowski and Arkadiusz Kamil Wójcik, who acted as VAR arbitrators, came to his aid.

After quite a long analysis in front of the VAR monitor, Tomasz Wajda decided that there was an offense and therefore a free kick was dictated, and Nemanja Tekijaski was penalized with a red card because he stopped the action alone with the goalkeeper. According to the rules of the game, the referee’s final decision was correct. It was undoubtedly a tactical foul that meant breaking a real chance of scoring. If not for the offense, Damian Gąska would have gone alone with the Termalika goalkeeper and none of the other players would have been able to catch up with him and make it difficult. The situation is clear and should not arouse discussion or controversy.

In the 19th minute there was a controversy, after which the hosts demanded a red card for one of the Górnik Łęczna player. Mateusz Grzybek and Przemysław Banaszak set off for the flying ball and wanted to headboard. Unfortunately, it did not end well, because the first ball was hit by a player from Nieciecza, and then Banaszak attacked him with his head. Both players fell onto the pitch and help was indispensable. Unfortunately, Grzybek ended this match with his head cut open and had to leave the field. Judge Tomasz Wajda assessed this violation as a yellow card, which the hosts did not like.

Looking at this incident, it is difficult to find any purposefulness, but remember that we have to evaluate the effect. The result was a cut face and a necessary change. In my opinion, this is a controversy and the referee had grounds to exclude Banaszak, but I am closer to a yellow card as it was a completely accidental entry, after which both players suffered. I think that the VARs who withdrew from the intervention assessed it similarly.

After just over 10 minutes, Przemysław Banaszak once again took a toll on the referee, who penalized the Górnik player with a yellow card and, consequently, excluded him from further play. Banaszak late attacked Tomasz Loska and he did it rashly, which was correctly judged by judge Wajda.

In the 36th minute, the judge Tomasz Wajda imposed a penalty for Termalika for a foul by Tomasz Midzierski. Defensor Górnik Łęczna wanted to clear the ball, but he was a bit late and as a result he gave Roman Gergel a leg and caused him to fall. The decision to take a penalty kick should not arouse controversy as it was quite a clear situation. Piotr Wlazło replaced the “Eleven” for a 1-0 goal.

In the 59th minute, Michał Mak left alone with the goalkeeper. The intervening goalkeeper Termaliki threw himself at his rival’s feet, then the ball went sideways, and Mak fell to the pitch, curling up in pain. Górnik’s players demanded the offense, but judge Wajda’s whistle was silent. From the available repetitions, it appears that the referee’s decision was correct. Loska knocked the ball out from under Mak’s feet, and then a collision took place.

A draw in this game does not satisfy either side. Górnik Łęczna remained in the last position in the table, and the team from Nieciecza is only 1 point above the relegation zone.

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