Ekstraklasa: Zagłębie – Radomiak. Result and relation

If anyone was asked to choose a favorite in this match before the season, the vast majority of experts would point to Zagłębie, which, as every year, has the ambition to join the fight for leading positions. Meanwhile, before the 15th round, Radomiak was in the sensational fifth position in the PKO Ekstraklasa table and had a series of three consecutive wins behind him. The hosts, on the other hand, have not tasted the victory for a long time and have been sliding down the table more and more.

And the very beginning of the match showed that the guests from Radom are the better team this season. In the 13th minute, after Leandro’s cross from the right flank, Raphael Rossi headed the ball into the net and Radomiak took the lead. Less than a quarter of an hour has passed, and Radomiak was already leading 2-0. After a long play for Maurides, the Brazilian headed for Charles of England, who raised the result of the game with a strong volley at the post. The hosts were completely helpless and although they tried to attack from time to time, it did not bring the expected effect.

What’s more, Radomiak did not intend to stop at the two goals he scored and was still attacking, and Dominik Hładun, standing in the Zagłębie goal, had a lot of work. Fortunately for the hosts, the goalkeeper from “Miedziowe” was quite well disposed on that day, noting a few good interventions, including in the 43rd minute, when a dangerous shot by Maurides was saved.

The guests went to the dressing room with a two-goal lead, definitely dominating the Zagłębie region. The coach of the team from Lubin, Dariusz Żuraw, could only nervously walk along the line, because his charges were completely unable to find a recipe for Radomiak’s actions.

However, right after the break, the hosts had a great chance of a contact goal. After the corner kick for Zagłębie, there was a lot of confusion in the visitors’ penalty area, after which Karol Podliński was hit with an elbow. The judge had no doubts and pointed to the eleventh meter. Filip Starzyński approached the ball, but he lost the duel with Filip Majchrowicz and Radomiak was still leading 2-0.

In the 57th minute the hosts had another great opportunity to score, but it was wasted by Aleksandar Pantić, who could only grab his head after his box. The basin was pushing forward, but this did not change the result.

The tavern brawl on the pitch took place in the 65th minute, when the second yellow, and consequently a red card, was penalized by English, who tried to force a penalty kick, and by the way he stepped on one of the rivals. By the way, there was a scuffle and a scuffle between Hładun and Maurides, after which the Radomiak player fell onto the pitch. Then Sasa Balić burst onto the pitch, slapping his opponent. And he also got a red card from the machine, which probably will not end there.

As it turned out, Radomiak, who played in “10”, managed to achieve a favorable result to the end and won the match 2-0, achieving a fourth consecutive victory in PKO Ekstraklasa. Dariusz Banasik’s players strengthened their fifth position in the table and it seems that if they keep their current position, it does not have to be the end of their upward march. In turn, in Zagłębie the crisis continues and it is possible that Dariusz Żuraw will not survive until the end of the season as the coach of “Miedziowe”

Zagłębie Lubin


Raphael 15 ‘
K. English 27 ‘

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