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Filippo Inzaghi This is close to a marriage contract Angela Robustia relationship that will tend to be religious in June of 2024, when the Serie A finals with the Salernitana, team with soldier Guillermo Ochoa, and that will hope to hold the victory in the Italian football.

In a brief meal of his stage as a footballer, with all the joys of childhood and all his promises of childhood, Pipo recorded those of his teenage children when he platonically loved the act Monica Bellucci.

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Monica Bellucci. When I could decide, I always tasted the more and I loved a ruby ​​when I was at the point of the house: it was algo Freudian”, expressed the story in charla con Corriere della Sera.

Included, Filippo Inzaghi justified the decisions made by his life with the natural professional cycle: “Un futbolista, a los 40 años, debe cerrarlo todo y reinventarse; You can use the bank as a player and you can convert it into work, but you don’t have to use it as a player at the same time. No es debilidad, es humanidad: Heard that, paradoxically, I became an adult when I finished my career as a futbolista”.

Salernitana, the soldier of the Mexican porter Guillermo Ochoa, es ultimo de la Serie A with 5 points, producto de cinco empates y siete derrotas, aún sin victorias, a cinco unidades de la salvación, en poder de Empoli (10).

Paco Memo y Salernitana Returned to Serie A activity on the eve of November 25, during Lazio’s visit, although the participation of the Mexican team was in full swing, since the team suffered a loss during the tournament against Honduras (2-0) , of the Concacaf Nations League.

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