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“Haz de tu vida un sueno, y de un sueno, a reality”. This phrase is attributed to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of El Principito. Stayed with Antoine Griezmann all the days of his life. The French girl already had a tattoo on it. L’es el principito rojiblanco y siempre ha sonado en grande. Oh, in the 2014 Verano, it is difficult to imagine in the club’s story which Akbaria Red is the maximum goldador in history. El Atlético is Real Sociedad’s Feramba as a bandleaderWith lots of story, but no final verdict.

Y is precisely against the Real Société Consigio el Pasado Domingo Su Gol 162 as Colconero, With Simeon he became a competitive animal and complete athlete. During this first phase, it is the function of Goggle and refers to the time of loading the game. More than 32 dinos in the 2015–16 season or more than 29 wines in the 2017–18 season made with the Ballon de Bronce As the best football player in the world. Yes, by request, it can be done more quickly. After regresso for his final years at Barcelona in 2021, he is the football player who moves players and who controls the player’s attacks. The course is complete with 16 lessons and 15 assists, the best in the competition,

jugaad goals en el atlético
luis aragons 172
Adrian Escudero 168
antoine griezmann 162
francisco campos 153
jose eulogio garrett 136
Fernando Torres 129
Joaquin Peiro 124
Adelardo Rodriguez 113
Julio Antonio Elisgui 113
enrique collar 105

Yes, in the last five parties we have Sumado Several keys to maintaining impenetrable metropolitan cities There have been five wins that declared the group as champions and propelled Atlético into the league in La Liga. In this case it becomes partidazo e partidazo. Sin escatimar esfuerzos en defense y sumando en attack. In the end, the duel against Real Madrid was already a big test to raise the wind. East Osasuna sheltered the marker, on the contrary Feyenoord Place the tab just before the descanso and border real sociedad The penalty was given 2-1 on the 89th minute.

Griezmann has never won La Liga. This is the sueno and grand objectiveo. Y, between Paron and Paron, I have recorded four tantos for Luis Aragonés. Your CADA record is more than certain. El Sabio de Hortaleza scored 172 goals in an Atlético shirt. Griezmann is in 162. among the media, Adrian Escudero (168). In 2017, Griezmann was Atlético’s top scorer in the Champions League. “Adelante to Luis, a legend of the club and director of the Spanish championship of the Eurocopa 2008. He is also related to the history of Atlético, and has an Orguloso,” Griezmann admitted in his biography ‘Detras de una Sonrisa’. , The overall record is still almost certain. To be able to play football with the community, Here are the numbers to become one of the greatest footballers in Atletico history,

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