El Maestro Joao predicts the future of Justin Bieber and Hailey: “No Sé yo si estos llegan a los polvorones” | LOS40

¡Cuidado, porque todo lo que dice se cumple! On March 3, Maestro Joao felt himself in 40 degrees K to become the guest star of Karin Herrero. The video appears at all times, including show more of the last story of love.

However, the other television co-worker cannot remedy the palpitations that he or she is experiencing in another couple. El Maestro Joao, who is three on his podcast El Elegido, augured the future of Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieberand quizás a la pareja no les guste mucho lo que predijo…

Famous by his predictions, Karin Herrero le quiso preguntar If the couple is married together or if, on the other hand, the divorce occurs before. If you don’t want to think about your life, Maestro Joao responds: “Divorce”, he says. “Además no creo que vayan ayan tarar mucho, no sé yo si estos los polvorones (refiriéndose a las próximas navidades) se los comen juntos”, añadía añadía su respuesta.

Karin, who did not give credit to the respondent, noted that “before Christmas there was the mercado”, so that she obviously came to confirm her prediction: “Yes, yes, you have the mercadito”.

Because the couple had our five-year affair with their civil marriage in New York, they might have been in contact with each other before the point was made and the relationship ended. Algo contrario a lo que el pasado mes de septiembre compartían por su aniversario en donde aseguraban que entre ses planes estaba forma una familia.

One of the calves and one of the arenas

Sin embargo, No all the predictions on the loving earth are negative. If you use the prerequisite for the fashion couple, Aitana and Sebastián Yatra, and when you concretely confirm your romance, Maestro Joao lo tuvo clear:

“The palpito that I have is that I am soon. And I quizá sea in the same way that I see it with LOS40. You tell me that I want to come and you can be in the line of LOS40. It is confirmed or not, it is important that they are well y bailen”.

Here’s the fact that LOS40 Music Awards Santader 2023 is at the front of the line, who knows how to pass on the first ones most important of music… “Creo que va a haber algo. No sé si anecdótico o curioso, pero entre dos mujeres. En esta gala las mujeres van a ser ellas las protagonistas. Espero que se algo bonito”, apuntaba. We love to hope On the 3rd of November to resolve this problem.

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