El Muerto, a spin-off movie of Spider-Man

El Muertothe new movie, will be one spin off from Spider-Man. The film will also be directed by Jonán Cuarón. It is, then, the first Latin Marvel movie. Still in development, the Sony Pictures is gearing up for incredible box office success. This is his latest film Marvel El Muerto. The Mexican screenwriter and director Jonás Cuarón he joined the project as a director. With the Grammy-winning artist Bad Bunny. OR Benito A Martínez Ocasio, The protagonist. The screenplay was written by the writer of Blue Beetle, Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer.

El Muerto will have as protagonist Martínez Ocasio in the role of the first Latin character. He will lead the film Marvel in the role of El Muerto, an anti-hero of comics. In the original Marvel Comics, El Muerto is the super alter ego of Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez. It is a luchador whose powers are inherited from generation to generation. These powers of strength and endurance are only gained by facing and defeating the enemy of their family El Dorado. Things are terribly bad for the young man Juan-Carlos.

Cuarón’s El Muerto will be the new Marvel movie that Sony is actively developing

This journey of self-discovery ultimately turns him against Spider-Man in a struggle to expose our friendly neighborhood hero, who could potentially link to the Spider-Man from Jon Watts. El Muerto from Cuarón will be the new movie Marvel that Sony is actively developing. Which weaves independent characters into a network that connects them toSpiderman of the actor Tom Holland. And gradually to the MCU, albeit not officially. Other films included in this deal are the films of Venom with Tom Hardy.

El Muerto is expected to be released on January 12, 2024

Kraven the Hunter from JC Chandorwith Aaron Taylor Johnson as the longtime enemy of Spidey. Followed by Madame Webwith Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney. Martínez Ocasio is a Puerto Rican rapper and actor. He best known professionally as Bad Bunny. The artist recently played his first villain role in Bullet Train of the Sonywith Brad Pitt. In his professional career they also belong F9: The Fast Saga, Narcos: Mexico. And an upcoming role in the film American Sole with Camila Mendes currently in pre-production.

Director Cuarón made his directorial debut with the 2007 romantic drama Año uña. Which she also wrote and produced. In 2013 she wrote the script with her father, the famous director Alfonso Cuarón. He did it for the Oscar-winning film Gravity. After his work in two short films, Cuarón he also co-wrote and directed the production of his tense thriller Desierto in 2015. With Werewolf from Gael García Bernal from Nighyou Jeffrey Dean Morgan from The Walking Dead.

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