El Sevilla Busca replaces Mendilibar: Marcelo Gallardo, Descartado

Todo indicated that José Luis Mendílibar kept in touch around the clock in Seville. The board of directors, in fact José María del Nido Carrasco and José Castro plus Víctor Orta, have hot potatoes in the hands of Buscarle as a substitute for José Luis Mendílabar, making their decisions and explanations at an internal level without anyone’s consent. Are. Tomar las decision. Practically, October 3, 2022, exactly one year after Julen Lopetegui’s dismissal.

The sporting director is in charge of a replacement who has been approved by his section of selection And if you have a key declaring the report at the Seville Bank, you may be in imminent danger. And Marcelo Gallardo is not here.

A meeting for these clarifications

In principle, we have a meeting which is the main thing, by the man after the team’s recovery training, and when the higher team members of the club ask the trainer for the opportunity to see the team, the winners’ winners are once official. The management of the side and the plant, the substitution of Fernando in the 37th minute and its negative reaction indicative of the situation.

But the general feeling of the Management Committee is that it should be primarily practical and it is not a matter of review in the Bank before the results of which there is an opportunity of selection can be made, if any. no media. cabezazo En-Nesyri in minute 96 In a desperate corner.

Plant Management, Announcements, Results

All public announcements and clarifications of the Contractor are subject to the instructions given, as the case may be sevilla is not obliged to win In the previa of the party with Almería, the phrase that was corrected before the meeting with Rayo. Oh, how do we say that we do not listen with soumare by idiom. You may be pleased when you say, or when you say your word, when you look at the cost of dirty cruise results when you look at it against the technical side.

From Trasfondo to Ambien It’s a Lot The impatience that has set in the club And you know, a list of requirements to include prospects and without margin for project transactions, and the feeling that the team communicates on time, hurriedly and slowly. Siempre al filo de la navaja, as if the parties did not last 100 minutes between time delays. a team that breaks through the spinal cord, though for the style of play that prevents verticality, though for the choice of pieces. A team with borbotons and little criteria, poor choice of centers and combinations. One among those closer to the center of Europe and one among those less fortunate.

Candidates to be fielded in Mandilibar

Before this situation, the management committee also took notice and indicated to Víctor Orta that there was a replacement. marcelo gallardo, one of the numbers associated with passion and inspiration, has been removed. Argentinian is one year old, its hidden elevadissimo Y tampoco convention mucho.

andoni irolaThe one who was chosen for Mandilibar’s one-year-old project to replace Jorge Sampaoli was near the end of three consecutive failures at Bournemouth, and who had a very poor start in the Premier League: it was only with three championships. .

Tampoco he que descarter a otros españoles tecnico, como Marcelino, he is his team and some of his last exploits are determined by extra-sporting questions: his departure from Peter Lim in Valencia, the pressure of elections and militants at the Athletic Club and the promotion of president in Marcela. Have a demanding technician if you don’t want to approve the proposal or check the door. Won the Copa with Valencia and the Supercopa de España with Athletic.

In the investigation and negotiations that Víctor Orta conducted with the candidates, he created opportunities that – because it is he who has the power of decision – that could depend on whether Mendilibar is pending a hilo or the steering committee of Meta’s park. Kind of metases the tijera. Logica ResultAdista. His decisive hour In a Sevilla that lost Paciência for a long time.


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