Elden Ring beta test for PS5, XSX | S, PS4 and XOne. Playing the Xbox One provides a “lower level” of quality

Technical tests of Elden Ring allowed players to try out the latest production from From Software, and Digital Foundry looked at all console versions of the game. We can suspect that the title will have some more improvements before its premiere, but the first conclusions are interesting.

The Elden Ring on PlayStation 4 runs at 1080p, while the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Series X excel at 1800p. The worst situation is in the case of the Xbox One that it offers resolution at 900p, but leaf density, texture filtering, depth of field, shadow quality and ambient occlusion also seem to be reduced, which, according to experts, makes the title “lower level” on this platform. In some situations, enemies’ animation drops to 15fps, which is supposed to look very strange.

In the case of PS4 Pro and XSX, the platforms use the solution known from Sekiro – the developers have removed the liquidity limit, so the games run at 30-40 frames per second. In some situations, PlayStation 4 Pro is to offer an advantage over the Xbox One X, but DF emphasizes that there is no consistency in this case.

The Elden Ring works much better on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S – in this case, we can count on 2-3 times faster loading at the start. In this case, players can check out two game modes, but none of them hit 60 frames per second.

“The frame rate mode is not able to hit 60fps on any system: it’s 45-60fps on PS5, usually a little lower on XSX and even lower on XSS. Based at least on network code, the Sony platform mainly offers a higher level of performance (though the XSX has its moments too), a little extra resolution and faster load times. “

For resolution, different results have been measured, however, it is worth noting that players enjoy the gameplay in 4K – although in this situation they will play at around 30-40 fps:

“In frame rate mode, the PS5 and XSX consoles aim for the dynamic 1512p-2160p (but more often up to a maximum of 1800p), while XSS lowers this value to the DRS 1008p-1440p window. Meanwhile, the quality modes on the more powerful XSX and PS5 stick rigidly to native 4K, while XSS locks up at 1440p. There is little between the two modes – although the quality mode seems to improve the quality of the shadows even further. I also noticed something that is probably a bug: motion blur is disabled in frame rate mode in the XSX | S but remains active in the PS5 equivalent.

The Digital Foundry discovered that users can get an Elden Ring at 60 frames per second. It is enough to turn on the game in the version from PlayStation 4 Pro to PlayStation 5. In such a situation, the setting is worse than the native edition from PS5, but it offers the “most stable” 60 fps.

Check out our impressions of the Elden Ring.

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