Election lists 2022, Gina Lollobrigida is “on stage”. In Bologna the veto over Casini- Corriere.it falls

from Adriana Logroscino

The decisive week for the filing of candidacies opens. The League focuses on Chirico and Borselli, Forza Italia on Incocciati and Crosio for Fratelli d’Italia

In the Campania 1 college, the duel between the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte and the former Grillino political leadertoday leader of Civic commitment, Luigi Di Maio. The picture will be clarified no earlier than Tuesday, when the Five Star Parliamentarians will take place which this time will measure the approval of the members also on the names proposed by Conte. Among these, also in Campania, a grill stronghold, could include the former anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho and Dario Vassallo, brother of Angelo, mayor of Pollica assassinated in 2010.

In Latina, on the other hand, voters will find the name of a myth on the ballot box: Gina Lollobrigida is a candidate for the uninominal and in three proportional circumscriptions with Italia Sovrana e Popolare, the list that brings together fifteen associations and movements, united in the name of “anti-system dissent”. Among the leaders are Marco Rizzo and Antonio Ingroia. The former magistrate, now a lawyer, would have recruited her Lollo, her assisted by her, in the name of her (political) passion for Fidel Castro. Sovereign and Popular Italy he is still collecting signatures: “In the squares people line up for us – says Rizzo -, we will easily overcome the 3% barrier”.

Next will be the decisive week for the filing of applications, the deadline of which is set for 22 August. But the Democratic Party has set itself the mission to close earlier
: the management dedicated to dismissing names of lists and colleges, is scheduled for the day of Mid-August. But the work to define and share a grid around which to obtain the approval of the current leaders and regional secretaries has begun.

In the tug-of-war initiated by the under 40s who call for a renewal of the lists, including the registry of the lists, in the meantime, there is a winner (temporary, like all turns, up to the filing of the lists): the thirty-one year old of the Young Democrats Caterina Cerroni the candidacy should tick in a position useful for the election.

The leaders of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, protagonists of the battle to defend their colleges safe for the center-left from “parachuting from Rome”, also score some points: Emma Bonino she will not be a candidate in Bologna but in Rome (Senate) e Susanna Camusso not in Florence but in Campania (Senate), where Dario Franceschini (Camera) will also run. Furthermore, the local party yesterday added two other women to the list of safe candidates expressing the Emilia-Romagna territory (Schlein, Cuppi, Zampa, Delrio): Enza Rando, from Modena, vice president of Libera, and Oiudad Bakkali, regional deputy secretary of Moroccan origins.

Piero Fassino may have to give up seeking confirmation in Emilia-Romagna, for a boarding school in Piedmont. Apparently, the veto of the local party on Pierferdinando Casini, destined to be reappointed in Bologna, as five years ago, has fallen. Just as in Tuscany the names of the leaders of the allied forces remain confirmed Fratoianni, Bonelli, Speranza and Della Vedovaconsidered “foreign” by local administrators.

In the college of Rome 1 the Pd “It will not give Calenda the visibility it hopes for”, they say from the Nazarene, fielding a big one. Nicola Zingaretti will be leaders in the proportional and the opponent of the leader of the Action could be Paolo Ciani of Demos. In Lazio, however, a battle between dem souls is also raging: with Zingaretti his councilor Massimiliano Valeriani could try the way of parliament. An entrance that would reduce the space for the outgoing Roberto Morassut. And the rumors of a safe place for Marco Bentivogli, former secretary of the Fim Cisl, are insistent.

Inside Lega and Forza Italia, those who are committed to looking for the interlocking of names and boxes, in the highly coveted colleges or at the top of the proportional lists, must escape the calls of the outgoing so as not to alert those who risk being left out. In the League, the orientation is not to give up some well-known faces such as Annalisa Chirico, journalist and entrepreneur, and Hoara Borselli, actress, and, perhaps, the former volleyball player Luigi Mastrangelo. Among the Azzurri the focus is on samples of preferences from the territories to pull the symbol to the proportional. But the former footballer Giuseppe Incocciati could also try againcandidate not elected in 2018. Among the names circulating for FdI, also a former Northern League player useful to strengthen himself in the North: Jonny Crosio, who was in parliament with the Carroccio until 2018 and who a few months ago joined the party led by Giorgia Meloni.

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