Elections 2022, draft center-right program: the points

Italy, fully part of Europe, of the Atlantic Alliance and of the West. More Italy in Europe more Europe in the world“. Apparently this is the first point, of the 15 foreseen, in the draft of the electoral program of the center-right, developed in view of the green light of the leaders of the center, expected in the coming days. According to parliamentary sources, this is a text that is still subject to changes, which will be further refined between now and Tuesday, in a final meeting of the table.

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In detail, the text viewed by AdnKronos in its latest version entitled ‘Framework Program for a Center-Right Government’ provides for “Respect for international alliances and strengthening of Italy’s diplomatic role in the geopolitical context; Respect for the commitments undertaken in the Atlantic Alliance, including with regard to the adjustment of defense appropriations, support for Ukraine in the face of the invasion of the Russian Federation and support for any diplomatic initiative aimed at resolving the conflict. Full adhesion to the European integration process, with the prospect of a more political and less bureaucratic European Union “.

In the draft also a new plan to combat the Covid pandemic. In fact, point seven (Health protection) is envisaged “the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through the promotion of virtuous behavior and structural adjustments – such as controlled mechanical ventilation and the enhancement of transport – without compression of individual freedoms according to the principle of to convince in order not to force “.

In point 11 (“energy self-sufficiency challenge“) reads:” Use of energy production through the creation of latest generation plants, including clean and safe nuclear power, without preconceived vetoes “.” Sustainable energy transition through the increase of renewable energy production; Diversification of energy supplies and implementation of a plan for energy self-sufficiency; Full use of national energy resources, also through the reactivation and new construction of natural gas wells, with a view to sustainable use of energy sources “, are the other points.

Bridge over the Strait. Point 2 of the draft program drawn up by the center-right talks about “Efficient use of European resources”, starting with “Full use of PNRR resources, bridging the current implementation delays”. And again: “Agreement with the European Commission, as required by the European Regulations, for the revision of the PNRR according to the changed conditions, needs and priorities”.

It is also requested to “Ensure the full implementation of the measures envisaged for Southern Italy and the disadvantaged areas; Make Italy competitive with other European countries through the modernization of the infrastructural network and the construction of major works (strengthening of the high speed and bridge over the Strait), against the philosophy of ‘no’ “. Finally, the “Ultra broadband throughout Italy”.

Direct election of the President of the Republic“and” full implementation of the law on fiscal federalism and Rome as the capital “and also” implement the path already taken for the recognition of the Autonomies pursuant to art. 116 paragraph 3 of the Constitution guaranteeing all equalization mechanisms “. The” Enhancement of the role of local authorities “is also requested. times of the criminal and civil trial and a stop to media trials and the right to a good reputation “.

In point 9, relating to ‘Welfare state and support for the needy’., The “Replacement of the current citizenship income with more effective measures of social inclusion and active policies for training and integration into the world of work “. The proposals also include the” redefinition of the system of social safety nets in order to introduce universal subsidies, the raising of minimum social pensions and disability, flexibility in leaving the world of work and access to retirement, control over the effective application of incentives for the inclusion of disabled people in the world of work, extraordinary plan for the redevelopment of the suburbs, also through the relaunch of public housing.

4. For a fair tax“: is the title of the fourth point of the draft program of the center-right, just drawn up by the heads of the alliance table. First of all, the aim is to” Reduce the tax burden for families, businesses and self-employed workers “. And then the” No to assets declared or disguised “,” Via the micro-taxes “and the request for” Tax peace and balance and excerpt: agreement between citizens and the Treasury for the resolution of the previous “.

Among the salient points the “fiscal policies inspired by the principle of ‘who more hires, less pays’, the”Extension of the Flat Tax for VAT numbers up to € 100,000 of turnover with the prospect of further expansion for families and businesses “. Green light also to” Simplification of obligations and rationalization of the complex tax system. ” tax law and overcoming the disproportions of the sanctioning system “. “Introduction of a single tax account for offsetting credits and debts” and “right to a current account” are the last two points.

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