Elections 2022, Gina Lollobrigida leader in the Senate in 3 districts for Italy Sovereign Popular

Gina Lollobrigida will be a candidate for the Senate, in the 2022 political elections, as leader of Italy Sovrana Popolare. This was confirmed to Adnkronos by his lawyer, Antonio Ingroia, leader of Civil Action and United for the Constitution. Ingroia explains that Lollo, 95, will be leaders in various districts: “In that of Lazio with Latina, in eastern Sicily (Catania, Messina, Taormina) and then in Veneto”.

INGROIA: “I PROPOSED YOU TO APPLY” – “Gina Lollobrigida will be nominated for the Senate as leaders, among other things in various districts, both in Lazio with Latina, in eastern Sicily (Catania, Messina, Taormina) and then in Veneto, for Italy Sovereign Popular. It is a candidacy that I proposed on behalf of Civil Action and United for the Constitutionand it must not seem anomalous because Lollobrigida is, no matter what some judicial measures that we contest, perfectly lucid. “The former magistrate Antonio Ingroia defends the candidacy of Gina Lollobrigida to Adnkronos, assisted by him as a lawyer precisely for an administrative provision to support his assets advanced by his son and defended by the Supreme Court which had declared the appeal presented to be inadmissible.

“In her lucidity she has always been an ambassador of Italy in the world, of peace. And since we, as Italy’s Sovereign People, have a political program aimed at reaffirming national sovereignty – insists Ingroia – we believe that she may well represent this image of an Italy that wants to go back to being with its head held high, sovereign and not subject. In addition, there are issues of which you are a direct witness, which are justice, the condition of the elderly who are often mistreated and forgotten: she herself, and I say this as her lawyer, she has been mistreated over the years, the institutions and Italy have turned their backs on her, the fact that her assets have been subjected to a support administrator is proof of this. We are for the reaffirmation of a justice that is more just, for the abolition of the institution of support administration, an instrument that often turns to the detriment of the elderly, rather than being in their favor “.

“It was I who proposed the candidacy – admits the former magistrate – You wanted to think about it a few days because in any case it is a demanding thing, but you accepted willingly. Obviously you will not be able to go to rallies around Italy and his campaign will be mainly entrusted to press releases and video messages. He is well and healthy, but he is still 95 years old “.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)

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