Elections 2022: Italy in the center-right, Fdi is the first party. Pd at 19%, M5s third party, League in decline – Politics

The center-right coalition wins hands down and Giorgia Meloni makes Fdi fly, which in fact is clearly the first Italian party, followed by the Democratic Party which does not break the target of 20% and by the exploit of the Five Star Movement which remains the third Italian party. On the other hand, the Lega collapsed, closely followed by Forza Italia. These are the first indications that come out of the projections and that give the center-right ahead both in the House and in the Senate with the same fork around 43%.

The official figure is only the turnout which is not as disastrous as was feared but certainly records a sharp decline compared to the policies of 2018: according to data from the Interior Ministry at 11 pm about 64 percent voted of voters against 74 in the last elections. 10 points less

The center-right advances towards a clear victory with a coalition percentage between 42 and 43% where the lion’s share is made by the Brothers of Italy which in the first screening for the Senate consolidates its boom at around 25% (24.6% for Opinio Rai; 26% for Swg La 7) while the Lega would drop below 10% with a percentage of around 8.5%, closely followed by Forza Italia which is 8%. The center-left as a whole collects between 26.4% of Opinio for Rai and 25.4% according to Swg La7: the Democratic Party slips below 20% (between 18.1 and 19.4). The percentage is consolidated between 16 and 17 for M5s, while the Third Pole is between 7.3 and 7.9%. Giorgia Meloni drives the winning coalition and finds herself with two allies traveling on similar percentages: the Lega di Matteo Salvini, if the projections are confirmed by real data, would be halved compared to 17% of the 2018 policies and Forza Italia would also suffer a collapse compared to 14% in past political elections. The Democratic Party confirms itself as the second party, which can boast a percentage growth compared to the 18.7% obtained by the Democratic Party branded Matteo Renzi in 2018. More Europe travels around 3%, while Verdi-Left can celebrate the exceeding of the 3% threshold. M5s rejoices in the result, very far from the 2018 exploit of 32.6%, but close to 17% of the 2019 European elections. The new entry of this round is the third Polo di Action and Italia Viva. “We are satisfied with the first results. It seems to me that, given in hand, the losers are Letta and Salvini”, affirms the satisfied former Renzian minister Maria Elena Boschi. The allies of the center-right in Europe rejoice: Marine Le Pen congratulates herself convinced that “the Italians have given a lesson in humility to the European Union”. “Congratulations Giorgia Meloni!”, Exults the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki who plays with Fdi at the Eurocamera in the Ecr group.


The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella voted at 8.45 am, in the “Giovanni XXIII – Piazzi” school in Palermo. The head of state anticipated his arrival at the institute in via Rutelli, to avoid coinciding with the commemoration ceremony for the killing of judge Cesare Terranova and marshal Lenin Mancus, which took place on 25 September 1979 in the same street. The head of state voted, as usual, in section 535, greeted by applause from the tellers and people present.

He also voted in the afternoon Mario Draghi in Rome.

Here you are all ‘numbers’ electoral appointment:

ALMOST 51 MILLION TO VOTE. The voters called to vote are 50,869,304, of which 4,741,790 abroad. Of the 46,127,514 voters in Italy, 51.74% are women and the remaining 48.26% are men. The electoral body includes 2,682,094 adults who for the first time, after the recent amendment of Article 58 of the Constitution, will be able to vote not only for the Chamber of Deputies, but also to elect the Senate of the Republic. Of the young voters there are 1,302,170 women and 1,379,924 men.

VOTE ABROAD, EUROPE IN FIRST PLACE. As for the geographical distribution of Italian voters abroad, most of them are in Europe (2.6 million). Followed by South America, North and Central America and Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica (in the queue with just over 250 thousand entries).

FULL OF RIGHTS IN ROME. Lombardy with 7,505,133 voters is the region with the highest number of voters, Valle d’Aosta with a total of 98,187 voters the one with the lowest number of voters. The municipality of Rocca de ‘Giorgi, in the province of Pavia, with only 25 voters (13 men and 12 women) is the body with the smallest electoral body, while Rome with 2,055,382 (of which 1,096,575 women and 958,807 men ) is the city with the largest one.

– 61 THOUSAND SEATS, AT LEAST 180 THOUSAND SCRUTORS. On the national territory there are 61,566 electoral sections that will be open from 7 am to 11 pm on Sunday 25 September for the exercise of the right to vote. In each section there will be a president, a secretary and four tellers. The polling station can operate with a minimum of three members, so at least 180 thousand people will be involved in voting and counting the ballots.

MORE THAN 20,000 SCHOOLS AND OTHER OFFICES UNDERTAKEN. The more than 60,000 polling stations are located in 22,586 buildings, most of which are schools which therefore, a few days before the opening of the school year, will be closed from today to Monday 26 inclusive.

THE CHARGE OF CANDIDATES. The Interior Ministry dossier reports the number of candidates for the Chamber of Deputies: 1,310 in single-member constituencies, 2,788 in multi-member constituencies and 95 in the overseas constituency. For the Senate of the Republic there are 693 candidates for single-member constituencies, 1,418 for multi-member constituencies, and 41 for the overseas constituency.

THE SPECIAL PAGE OF ANSA: news, photos and videos, insights. At the close of the polling stations, the live counting

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