ELECTIONS 2022 / “New rights” vs. tax and reforms, the real challenge of September 25th

The lists are in the pipeline, for the parties in the electoral campaign it is time for the programs. The 15 points of the center-right trace the traditional proposals of that area, from infrastructures (including the bridge over the Strait of Messina) to presidentialism, from tax cuts to the defense of companies to clean nuclear power, with a clear link to Atlanticism, to the West and to Europe. Since the programmatic points are quite predictable, the center-right did not take long to elaborate them and beat the opposite side on time. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has launched a totally different approach: Enrico Letta’s main proposals are ius scholaeegalitarian marriage, free cannabis, the end of life law and of course the “defense of the Constitution”.

Also in this case, nothing particularly innovative, except that the main programmatic basis, the ideas that the secretary of the Democratic Party launches as priorities have nothing to do – for example – with the Draghi Agenda, nor with the requests of the Democratic Party. European Union and not even with the historical cornerstones of the left such as the defense of work, the welfare state, aid to the needy: all things left in the background and presented as ancillary. Indeed, if we really have to talk about taxation, Letta has already hinted that his recipe does not include tax cuts, if anything, a property on the rich to facilitate the youngest to take the road to work. And energy policy is full of distinctions, as for example on regasifiers, the pivot of Mario Draghi’s choices: for Letta they are indeed necessary, “but on condition that they constitute bridging solutions”. The reformism lost with Calenda’s farewell is filled with the altolà of the “No party” of the left and with the libertarian claims of + Europe, the former radicals.

Therefore, it can be said that in electoral programs the proposals to tackle the real problems are confronted on the one hand and the demand for new rights on the other. The Pd secretary plays a heavy bet and is already gathering criticism even within his camp. But behind Letta’s “rightism” we can glimpse a strategy, not a leap into the void. And it is the hunt for the vote of young people. Who will go to the polls for the first or second time is very far from politics: he knows nothing about electoral systems, about the differences between parties, about political leaders, right or left. If you try to explain it to them, they react with impatience. But they are sensitive to the appeal of new rights, they are in favor of cannabis for all and free love. Theirs are votes that do not have political affiliations or sides and in the collective disinterest they seem destined to swell the ranks of abstention. Unless they are intercepted by easy slogans and elementary messages that do not require special skills, required instead of those who venture to discuss the state budget, pensions, taxes, legislative reforms and so on. Letta looks at this “non-vote” to be transformed into electoral consensus, perhaps the only way to attempt a comeback.

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