Elections 2022, so they will vote in Lazio according to the latest polls

The latest analysis of the Cattaneo Institute on voting intentions and on the attribution of constituencies in view of the political elections of 25 September does not leave much room for interpretation: Italy, Lazio and Rome are almost uniformly colored blue, therefore conquered by the center-right. The nuances change – between almost certainly winning colleges for Meloni & Co. or those with a good chance of success – but that’s the way it is.

The institute, which had already made public a first study on July 26, took into account the averages of the polls released between the second week of July and the first of August: the coalition composed of FdI, Lega and Forza Italia is attributed the 46 % of voting intentions, at the M5S just under 11%. The center-left (Pd, Italian Left and Green Europe) would stop at 30%, with the hypothetical – and probable – list consisting of Italia Viva and Action at 6%.

Elections, from the Pd to Fdi passing through the M5S: the full names of the Romans who aim for Parliament

These are the results at a national level based, in fact, on the voting intentions of Italians combined with the results of the 2019 European elections. In our region and specifically in Rome, the trend is no different. With respect to the distribution of seats and the contestability of single-member constituencies (those, that is, where only one candidate who has obtained one more vote than the others, among all the political forces present), the red areas – therefore attributable to the center-left, as usual – they are very few. In Lazio only the college of central Rome, almost imperceptible to the naked eye on the map created by the institute of political analysis. For the rest, from southern Lazio to the area of ​​Rieti and its province, the colleges range from “armored for the center-right” to “contestable”. In south-east Rome there is a “good for the center-left” college. Not much changes between the House and the Senate.

At the national level, therefore, the center-right could obtain 245 seats in the Chamber and 127 in the Senate, with the center-left reaching 107 in the first case and 51 in the second. part, snatching 27 seats for the House from the proportional and 12 from the Senate.

Elections, the Roman grillini against Ferrara’s self-candidacy. And Conte could stop him

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