Elections 2022, sparks between Letta and Meloni. Today I meet Calenda-Renzi

The clash between center-right and center-left ignites in view of the political elections of September 25, 2022. The latest controversy broke out in order of time were the words of the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta who invited the leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni to have “one face”, explaining that “He is trying to reposition himself, change his image, powder himself. It seems to me a rather complicated operation when the reference points are Poland and Orban”.

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“I don’t need to powder myself, Letta betrays misogyny”, Giorgia Meloni replies angrily: “Dear Letta, net of the misogyny that this sentence betrays and the idea that a woman should only be careful about make-up and handbags, your problem is that I don’t need to ‘powder myself’ to be credible “. “The position of the Brothers of Italy in foreign policy is coherent and extremely clear – she says -. And it has as its guiding star the defense of the Italian national interest”. The final thrust is for the alliances stipulated by Letta in view of the vote: “We do not accept lessons from those who rise to the paladin of Atlanticism but then make pacts with the radical left nostalgic of the USSR. We do not need the powder, while you you would not be able to cover your contradictions even with putty “.

Calenda-Renzi meeting

Meanwhile, the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi has made it known that the agreement with Carlo Calenda for an alliance with Action is not yet done but “we have time, between tomorrow and Friday ….”. And today the two will meet: “And let’s decide,” Renzi said. Renzi clarifying: “If you make the agreement you have to understand what the perspective is, if there is a reasoning. The candidacies and the list are the easiest thing, the real question is’ do we want to make a path that builds a great pole of common sense that it will be able to have an impact in the next legislature?

Will this marriage between Action and Italy alive, between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi go through? “I missed a wedding a few days ago, but I hope so”, Calenda replied on Tg4. “We have very common programs, we have the common goal of trying to keep Draghi in Palazzo Chigi with a strongly reformist majority, we belong to the same European group. Now let’s see, but things are going the right way, I am burned by a marriage jumped, so I go with great attention “.

Will there be a single list? “The logos of the two parties will be present, we are working on a single list, let’s see, these are the things we have to decide together”, added Calenda.


“I accepted, and it is a great honor, the offer of Pd e + Europa to be a common candidate in the next political elections 2022 scheduled for 25 September. This was announced by Carlo Cottarelli by connecting to the press conference of Emma Bonino, Benedetto Della Vedova and Enrico Letta. “These elections are the most important, two worldviews are confronted, one progressive and the other conservative, and the Italians have to decide. They are legitimate visions, but they are different,” Cottarelli said. “I was very sorry that it was not possible to carry out a common path with Action in a united way, but let’s look ahead. Even if on different electoral paths I believe the progressive vision of the world is common. forward that conservative view that we do not share “, added the economist.

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